Moroccana joins the crowded Manchester coffee shops scene

23rd of August, 2011 Bookmark and Share
A new cafe in Chorlton has arrived on the scene with the aim of offering something unique to the crowded Manchester coffee shops sector.

Situated just off Manchester Road in the south of the city, Moroccana has been set up as a Moroccan cafe, shisha house and patisserie. It is a theme reflected in both the ambience and the cuisine. Lucia Cox, a Manchester coffee shops reviewer for news and lifestyle site Manchester Confidential, decided to take a look at the new venture for her latest review.

Starting with the ambience, Ms Cox pointed out that Moroccan flourishes were in evidence throughout the interior of the cafe from the themed soft furnishings to the low wooden tables. Running contrary to expectations, though, she also spotted some "B&Q; style furniture" on the large terrace outside.

This mix was also reflected in the food menu. As well as mainstream fare such as omelettes, paninis, toasties and scrambled eggs, the breakfast menu also included traditional Moroccan breakfast dishes like warm pastries, yoghurts and pancakes.

Unfortunately, some Moroccan-influenced dishes were given middling reviews. For instance, she suggested that the lightness of flavours in the vegetable cous cous might have been more appropriate in a side dish than a main, and the Kefta tagine was short on intensity and punch in spite of the fact that it possessed some good flavours.

Service was also something of a sticking point for the Manchester coffee shops reviewer. This was clearly demonstrated when the Moroccan lentil side dish failed to appear until some time after the rest of the meal had been eaten.

"The service was friendly and we are made to feel very welcome but delivery of orders is slow, sometimes the waiters even need repeat prompting," she said. "I'm hoping and I'm assuming this is just part of early teething problems."

Ms Cox concluded her review of the Manchester coffee shops newcomer by awarding it 6 stars out of 10 for food, 3 out of 5 for ambience and 3 out of 5 for the service. In total, the Moroccana cafe was given 12 stars out of a possible 20.

Richard Frost
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