Aderma® now available on Drug Tariff / FP10 / Prescription

9th of August, 2011 Bookmark and Share
The drug tariff is a annual publication detailing all the products that are available on prescription within the community. The entire Aderma® range, consisting of heels, sacrum / ankle wrap, sheets and strips will be available on drug tariff from the 1st of August 2011.

The Aderma® range is a proven effective pressure ulcer prevention device that helps to combat pressure, shear and frictional forces. The range as a whole, covers all major pressure points on the body and can be used as part of a rehabilitation process. The range offers community patients a sense of recovery, independence and, above all else, continuous protection.

The Aderma® products can be found on the Drug Tariff under Appliances / Low Friction Products, this category is new and was specifically designed to house the Aderma® range. To ensure minimal time and effort when ordering a product, Focus Product Developments Ltd / FPD Medical Ltd have incorporated the use of PIP codes on all the Aderma® products.

The ordering details (products / product sizes and PIP codes) are as follows:

Standard Heel - 365-5032
Extra Large Heel - 365-5040
Sacrum / Ankle Wrap - 365-5057
10x10x0.3cm Sheet - 328-3918
10x10x1.2cm Sheet - 328-3934
20x20x0.3cm Sheet - 328-3900
30x5x0.3cm Strip - 328-3926
50x2.5x0.3cm Strip - 365-5024

Following publication of the drug tariff on 1st of August, Aderma® will be supplied to community pharmacists via 3 main wholesalers: Phoenix, AAH and Alliance Healthcare.

If you require any more information on the Aderma® range, educational literature, clinical evidence, in depth product descriptions and uses etc, then please visit the Aderma website at or contact us direct on 01422 378569.
Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical Ltd / Focus Product Developments Ltd