Automated Security Alert proves its value through quality service and technology standards

5th of August, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Automated Security Alert (ASA) has already built a strong reputation based on quality customer service and devotion to the industry.

“Since the infancy of ASA, we have prided ourselves on the level of personal experience that each member of our team has,” said Vince Nigrelli, President of Automated Security Alert, Inc. “From training to research to customer interaction, everyone has made it their goal to be there for each and every one of the patients we serve, whatever it takes.”

Whereas most medical alarm companies are individuals with no real infrastructure, ASA only continues to grow with offices in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Cleveland. Instead of working as a security company, the team is devoted to providing an overall life safety experience. All operators are trained in Life Safety Monitoring and participate in on-going training that eliminates responsibility from the care team. As a communication link to the overall care of the patient, the clinical representatives do not need to keep anyone abreast of emergencies, missed medication doses or other needs. ASA provides a detailed report to everyone involved, including the family, physicians and other healthcare professionals providing service in the home.

Upon start of services, each patient is assessed to determine their individual needs. They are never over or under sold, but provided with only the best medical alarms, medication dispensers and other technology for their situation. Through working with telehealth specific certification and standards organizations like the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Continua, consumers can be assured that the devices in their homes are of the best quality. ASA has the only certified telehealth content with NCQA, a non-profit organization committed to improving health care quality. The company also participates with Continua on developing and providing standards within telehealth solutions.

As a leader in life safety monitoring, medical alarms, tele-medicine and medication dispensers, ASA remains solely focused on being the experts in a specialized field. With core dedication and discipline, the company will not become all things to consumers; they are not in all facets of healthcare for a reason. Through this exclusivity, the team has done the necessary research to understand emerging trends like transition models, medical homes, health homes and developments in health insurance. They have their hands around programs like The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Certification Commission for Health Information Technology and Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission to ensure the devices and software will be certified to work with these new healthcare platforms.

As times change and standards progress, one thing will continue to hold true: ASA’s commitment to providing patients with exceptional service, specialized training and superior technology that meets only the highest standards for quality. The value of this level of dedication is what has kept ASA an industry leader for over 20 years.

About Automated Security Alert: ASA has been a local provider of personal emergency response and medication dispensers since 1988. With offices in Philadelphia, Cleveland and their main headquarters in Pittsburgh, ASA’s trained operators provide in-home safety throughout the region with medical alert, fall detection and medication management systems. Through use of the array of available products, patients can increase their time at home by an average of six years. For more information on maintaining an independent lifestyle, visit
Automated Security Alert
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