CAT scoring scheme revealed: 3 for right, 1 for wrong answer

15th of September, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Prometric, the company in-charge of conducting CAT 2010 for the IIMs, has revealed the marking scheme of CAT 2010. A candidate will be awarded three marks for each correct answer and with every wrong answer; there will be deduction of one mark. However, there will be no penalty on unanswered questions. “Three (3) points are awarded for each correct answer and one (1) point is deducted for each wrong answer so candidates may choose not to answer a question if they are not sure,” said Prometric.
If a candidate is not sure of an answer, he or she has to unclick on the option he or she had clicked before. “If they’ve already selected an answer but later decide that they would prefer not to answer that question, all they need to do is click on the clicked circle again,” Prometric mentioned. The marking scheme of CAT exam was not mentioned before.
To get the candidates habituated with the pattern of the test, CAT IIM website ( will offer them a practice test a month before CAT 2010. “There will be a tutorial followed by 12 sample questions. The sample questions in the practice test are NOT representative of the content or difficulty level of the actual test,” Prometric and IIM stated.
The tutorial will explain the navigation around the screen on number of questions, on-screen timer, It will alsothe buttons of Next, Previous, Mark, Review and Quit Test. show the use of Review screen which will help the candidate in identifying which questions have been completed, marked or are incomplete, going to a specific question, reviewing all marked and incomplete questions.

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