Bollineni Turns Security Savvy

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“Security” in the field of Real Estate

A home is a special place where you will be treasuring all the most important moments in life. All of us love to add a lot of elements into our life to make it simpler and safer. From the kitchen utilities which make cooking a happy experience to the elevator systems which make the life of elderly people happier, all are amenities which intent to add value to your life every now and then.

The competition of real estate projects has gained momentum. Projects are developed with integral amenities to satisfy their real estate clients. Here, the provision of safety related amenities are given equal importance to other amenities.

Security must be of prime focus to live a happy life.

But how many projects really offer the amenities they guarantee?

How many real estate projects are offered with amenities which truly add value to the residents’ life?

How many projects are planned, build and executed with maximum security enabling features?

Through Bollineni Hillside Chennai, BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd believes that “Safe Homes” are “Happy Homes”.

It offers safety and security features from the ground level. The security amenities designed at Bollineni are well-planned, organized and structured from the beginning stage itself. This makes every home at Bollineni Hillside an immensely secure place to live.


High-tech Security Gadgets
Bollineni Hillside will be initiating top-notch multilevel security arrangements for the township. Security kiosks with exclusive security manpower are provided at each entry.

Restricted Exits and Entry Points
The township will be segregated into clusters of gated communities. This will enable in limited entry and exit point. These points will be monitored by security personals, thereby increasing the level of security to the residents.

Systems to monitor and control accessing
Access control system will be established at gated communities, therefore eliminating the entry of everyone into the buildings. They will also be providing access control system with ID cards for all the entry and exit points. Access control will be regulated through the ID cards. Each residential unit will have restriction for entry. Entry to the general areas of the inhabitants like the lift and staircase from the entrance hall to the clubhouse will be only with an electronic card. Each occupant will have a number of cards required by the family. Each building will have a concierge to look after the housekeeping and security of each block, round the clock.

Security Cameras
Bollineni will also be providing security cameras for 24-hour surveillance connected to a recording device. This is a security initiate which is mostly used in the developed countries. This amenity ensures security for the contemporary world.

Electrical barricades
Electrical fencing is being provided over the entire compound wall surrounding the project. These fences are provided at the height of 1.20 m on top and above the compound wall.

Internal Security squad
A thought through security team will be vigilant 24/7 to ensure safety to the residents. Here, a professional security unit will be engaged to ensure that the inhabitants can live life in harmony. These security personnel will be well-resourced with patrolling vehicles and other gears to tackle any crisis.

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