Atempo Addresses Challenges Outlined in Report on Data Archiving Strategies

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LONDON, UK, – July 22, 2011 – Atempo, a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today announced that the findings of a new industry analyst research report that identifies the best technologies and operational processes for successful active archiving align with the key differentiators of Atempo Digital Archive. The report, Archive Agility: Building Business Resilience Through Active Archiving, was prepared by Aberdeen Group Senior Research Analyst Dick Csaplar. Aberdeen’s research illustrates how best-in-class companies archive data for the long-term during periods of explosive data growth and how searchable archived files allow organisations to extract business value from previously inaccessible data.

“With considerable regulatory changes occurring in the past decade, companies are required to store historical data longer. In addition, the volume of data managed is increasing on average 35 percent or more per year,” said Dick Csaplar, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen. “Data backup and archiving serve different purposes, and it’s important for organisations to protect corporate data through an integrated approach that employs both backup and archiving programmes. Best-in-Class solutions in this area provide a complete data management portfolio, including backup and archiving solutions addressing exponential data growth and long-term data retention.”

Key Insights from the Aberdeen Report:
• Best-in-class companies reported it takes on average just 20 minutes to retrieve a file from their archives
• Best-in-class companies report they experience on average only one business interruption every two years
• Best-in-class companies report that knowledge workers spend on average 1.7 hours per week seeking information, versus three hours for “laggard” companies
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How Atempo Helps Organisations Archive Data

Atempo enables customers to efficiently manage the growth of file-based data. With the Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) product suite, files can be preserved indefinitely, allowing content re-use, and ensuring compliance with government regulations. To contain storage growth, ADA can automatically migrate rarely-used, fixed data from primary storage to designated lower-cost platforms based on parameters administrators set—such as file age, last accessed date and file type. Metadata tagging and efficient file retrieval are also key to an effective archiving strategy, and ADA features an integrated approach for content indexing and metadata search with minimum interruption or IT involvement.

“As demonstrated in the recent Aberdeen report, a successful digital archiving strategy centres on streamlined active data archiving and recovery processes that meet cost objectives and exceed performance goals,” said Richard Heitmann, vice president of marketing at Atempo. “Atempo Digital Archive was built for active archiving: ADA optimises storage throughout the digital workflow, directing the flow of data to and from archive according to an organisation’s unique policies while ensuring the content is always accessible.”

About Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company
Aberdeen provides fact-based research and market intelligence that delivers demonstrable results. Having queried more than 30,000 companies in the past two years, Aberdeen is positioned to educate users to action: driving market awareness, creating demand, enabling sales, and delivering meaningful return-on-investment analysis.

About Atempo
Atempo enables organisations to preserve and protect digital information simply and effectively, across any infrastructure, on any platform, over long periods of time. Atempo’s comprehensive archiving solutions deliver policy-based and workflow-driven management of rich media files, e-mail and other high-value digital assets to maximise the efficiency and performance of storage systems and reduce long-term storage costs. Atempo’s fully-integrated software portfolio also includes backup and recovery of heterogeneous servers, workstations and laptops throughout the enterprise – from the data centre to remote offices. Atempo serves thousands of customers around the world through a sales and support network of over 200 resellers and partners. Learn more about Atempo at

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