Cheap storage solutions

11th of July, 2011 Bookmark and Share
When you have your own business, it is essential to keep costs down as much as possible. We are always looking to cut corners where we can, without losing those essential spends we can’t avoid. Storage is one of those things we can’t afford to cut corners on too much. It is common to think of shelves, like any kind of furniture, as being one of those prohibitively expensive costs. Too many small businesses put off making essential purchases that will make their work more efficient out of fear of spending too much. Thankfully there are some very reasonable options on the market now. Rather than spend a fortune on new shelves, invest in some plastic bins for shelving. Plastic bins for shelving are one of the cheapest solutions for storing items at work. When you don’t have a huge budget to burn, it is always worth thinking laterally and finding those solutions that don’t have to cost the earth.
Strong and durable, they can be stacked together which is a great way of saving space. Plastic bins for shelving such as the ones made from impact resistant thermoplastic by Bernards Bins are a versatile way to store almost anything. If you aren’t yet ready to buy more shelves or rent another storage space, this is a great way to get more space for your money. “Plastic bins for shelving can be assembled in minutes and are a great way of storing small components especially,” said Spokesman of Bernards Bins Bernard Jones. “Log on today and be amazed at our prices for all kinds of storage solutions. As well as plastic bins for shelving, there are many other options available, suitable for small businesses, which won’t break the bank.”
Plastic bins for shelving are also a good idea in the office. Stationery cupboards which are a mess can easily be arranged neatly with a few plastic bins for shelving. Bernards Bins has them in packs of 40, which can be stacked together. At the same time, they have open lids, meaning your plastic bins for shelving can easily and quickly be accessed by anyone who needs to get at the items inside. It is worth remembering that anything that makes staff work more quickly and efficiently is actually a money saver. All too often, it is tempting to cut corners with short-sighted measures that actually cost more in the long run. This is obvious when it comes to staff, for example. Both small and medium-sized companies may be tempted to make some people redundant to save money, but then find they spend more hiring expensive contractors that take time to get trained.
Keep your workspace well-organised and make sure your systems are as efficient as possible. A few simple solutions, such as plastic bins for shelving, can make all the difference. It is one of the many ways you can improve efficiency in your company without the need for huge re-organisation or investment on a grand scale.

Glenn Benson
Bernard Jones