Avoiding accidents in the home

11th of July, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Most of us are more afraid of being killed in an aeroplane crash or even a car crash than by an accident at home. Sadly, the place we feel most safe can be just as perilous if we’re not too careful. One of the biggest problems is that some of us don’t store things properly. Even a shoe left lying in the middle of the floor can be a hazard. The problem is it is difficult to know where to store some things. Children’s toys are a common problem. Think about putting each one in a plastic box to keep it out of the way. Children are notoriously messy, but with a bit of work they can be encouraged to put each toy back in its plastic box at the end of the day. Getting them into good habits will not only save you time and hard work, but it will also help to make your home safer. http://www.bernardsbins.com/storage-boxes/
A good place to start is to make a list of all the things which currently litter the floor at home. Each type of item could be stored in a plastic box. The good thing about using a plastic box rather than stuffing items in cupboards or drawers is that everything will be clearly visible. Each plastic box can be stacked together, making it a very economic way of using the space. “If you have a small budget but want to make your storage more efficient, a plastic box or five is the perfect solution,” said Spokesman of Bernards Bins. “They can be used to store absolutely everything, from newspapers and magazines to shoes, nuts and bolts or children’s playthings. Log on to check out our rage, we have plastic boxes of all sizes to suit every need.” http://www.bernardsbins.com/products/sm24cbb-24l-heavy-duty-smart-box-cw-folding-lid.html
One kind of plastic box which is very useful for storing things safely is the smart box. Fitted with a divide inside and lockable edges, this plastic box cannot be easily opened by children. If you have things like a set of paints which you need to store securely it is a great option. With everything stored in an orderly way inside the plastic box, there is no danger of things getting mixed up together. This is a great idea for storing all those small components that go missing easily. Durable and easy to keep clean, it is one of the easiest ways to solve your storage problems. http://www.bernardsbins.com/products/vub45-45-litre-clear-box-with-snap-fit-lid.html
Other than finding a plastic box to suit every stray item, make sure you check that things such as smoke alarms are in working order. Many of us simply forget to replace the batteries and take a risk which could easily be avoided. Another good practice to get into is switching off your plugs at night rather than leaving electronic equipment plugged into the power supply. And of course, the tidier you are in general, the less likely you are to slip over clutter or mess.
Glenn Benson
Bernard Jones