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LONDON, UK., July 7, 2011 – Atempo, a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, today introduced Atempo Live Navigator, a standalone, near-continuous data protection solution with advanced source-based block level deduplication. The solution helps ensure sustainable, reliable access to digital assets hosted on file servers and endpoint devices such as desktops and laptops within remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments. Atempo Live Navigator is fully integrated with Atempo Time Navigator for centralised management of enterprise data protection across all devices and mission-critical applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and Novell as well as virtualised environments.

“As organisations become more mobile and an increasing amount of important business data resides on endpoint devices, businesses need to build a strategy for data protection that holistically encompasses both server and endpoint data protection,” said Sheila Childs, research vice president at Gartner. “Our research shows that companies are best served by deploying complete solutions that are purpose-built for endpoint data protection and include enterprise-level data deduplication, centralised administration and a common infrastructure for better control and return on investment.”

Atempo Live Navigator addresses today’s unique data protection challenges, including multiple locations, a mobile workforce and compute and bandwidth restrictions in a more holistic way than traditional server-based backup solutions. By integrating a robust web console for IT administrators and an intuitive self-serve wizard for end users, businesses can establish data protection and retention policies according to corporate guidelines while liberating end users from relying on IT to recover data at any time. With advanced data deduplication and incremental block-level data protection for Windows desktops businesses can reduce the size of each backup and increase efficiency of network and storage resources.

Powerful as a standalone solution, Atempo Live Navigator also seamlessly integrates with Atempo Time Navigator, enabling advanced disk-to-disk-to-tape backup for disaster recovery and vaulting purposes. When used in tandem, Atempo Live Navigator and Atempo Time Navigator share a single infrastructure and centralised management and administration with an intuitive administration console, simplifying data backup across the enterprise.

“We were looking for a backup solution to protect the data of our growing fleet of laptops without impacting our users. We were impressed with Atempo Live Navigator's efficient near-CDP technology, its advanced data deduplication capabilities and ease of configuration,” said David Delon, IT manager at Université de Clermont Ferrand 1. “We also appreciate the unified data management approach to address our data protection needs for Windows and Linux desktops and laptops alongside our enterprise application servers with Atempo Time Navigator.”

Atempo Live Navigator Key Features

• Near-continuous data protection – Near-CDP technology creates granular and point-in-time recovery points to minimise the loss of data from an unplanned outage and get the application back online instantaneously in a consistent state.
• Centralised administration and management – An intuitive, centralised administration console enables IT administrations to easily manage data backup for file servers and endpoint devices across the enterprise and ROBO from a central location.
• Advanced data deduplication – Advanced block-level data reduction sends only new or changed blocks across the network. Leveraging source-side deduplication, Atempo Live Navigator reduces dramatically the volume of data transferred across the network, which alleviates issues associated with bandwidth limitations and tight backup windows. This allows organisations to reduce storage capital and maintenance expenditures and increase backup performance, including ROBO environments .
• Integration with Atempo Time Navigator – Atempo Live Navigator customers can benefit from the power of Atempo Time Navigator, a comprehensive enterprise backup and recovery solution to protect mission critical data, supporting a broad range of operating systems, applications and storage devices.
• Self-serve file recovery – End users can easily find and restore files from any backup without relying on IT assistance, saving time and resources.

“In an increasingly mobile working environment, a growing quantity of valuable business data is being created and accessed at the edge of the enterprise on endpoint devices. Atempo Live Navigator encompasses both server and data protection of endpoint devices to centralise data management, maintain business continuity and reduce the cost and complexities associated with complete protection and recovery of all data irrespective of location,” said Richard Heitmann, vice president of marketing at Atempo. “With Atempo Live Navigator, IT administrators benefit from a unified data management approach that efficiently and cost-effectively protects endpoint and enterprise level backups in a shared infrastructure. And end users benefit from a transparent, purpose-built endpoint backup solution.”

About Atempo
Atempo enables organisations to preserve and protect digital information simply and effectively, across any infrastructure, on any platform, over long periods of time. Atempo’s comprehensive archiving solutions deliver policy-based and workflow-driven management of rich media files, e-mail and other high-value digital assets to maximise the efficiency and performance of storage systems and reduce long-term storage costs. Atempo’s fully-integrated software portfolio also includes backup and recovery of heterogeneous servers, workstations and laptops throughout the enterprise – from the data center to remote offices. Atempo serves thousands of customers around the world through a sales and support network of over 200 resellers and partners. Learn more about Atempo at


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