Luxury UK bedding arrives in bedrooms in the UK

7th of September, 2010 Bookmark and Share

When it comes to the end of a tiring day at work, there's no sensation more special than getting into a bed complete with the best luxury bedding. Selecting the best bed linen is vital to ensure that your bedroom is not just a room for sleep, but a place hidden away from the troubles of daily life.

From Bryant to Lennox, our luxury bedding collections are simply among the best you will buy anywhere on the shelves. Maybe this is why our luxury bedding selection are to be located in many of England's most elite hotels. The Lennox variety is a firm favourite hotels, with a brand that enduces evocations of the best in quality and a 100% cotton, superior thread count meaning that its elite design fits perfectly into any quality hotel collection.

Our elite products offers you the opportunity to bring hotel quality to your property. Browse our online store now to complete your perfect interior collection.

A complete portfolio of stylish yet highly functional white towels, the selection is a product of years' working with elite hotels and interior artists. Our bed linen collection sets a new landmark for the thought of traditional white bedding to establish a unique theme, whilst the bath collection is the ideal partner for the bed linen with quality luxury towels. Everything is crafted from the best materials and made to produce its quality feel. A complete range of bespoke duvet covers complete the luxurious product range.

Marcus Miles
Trevor Benson