Efficiency at work

5th of July, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Saving money is a priority for any business. One of the key ways to do that is by improving efficiency, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Examining all your systems to see where time and money can be saved is a good beginning. Finding good storage solutions is also a must. How many times have your staff wasted valuable time looking for that document or product? If you don’t have everything neatly ordered on the right shelves, you can waste a huge amount of time and even face serious consequences. Invoices and tax returns are two examples of documents you cannot afford to lose. Storage is one of the most important ways you can save money for your company now. http://www.bernardsbins.com/plastic-bins/
Getting staff into good habits is also important. If people are messy, they can waste a lot of time. Mess also adds to stress, which is one of the key causes of inefficiency. Put a stop to that pile of papers and other clutter on desks. Encourage staff instead to throw things away where needed, recycle or store on shelves what needs to be saved for future reference. All shelves should be clearly labelled and marked so everyone can find what they are looking for instantly. There is no use in using shelves to keep clutter away from your desks but having everything in disorder there. As with the home, keeping on top of tidying on a daily basis makes mess easier to control. It’s less of a mammoth task if you tidy bit by bit. http://www.bernardsbins.com/products/lpbk3bb-louvre-panel-kit-with-18-bins.html
Perhaps you haven’t put enough thought into your storage solutions in the first place. Getting the right shelves in the right space is very important. Shelves can be added to later on in some instances, when you find you need more storage than you did before. Always think about your future needs as well as your current one when putting up shelves in the workplace. It is cheaper to add more shelves in the future than it is to move offices, after all. Don’t be put off by the expense. There is a huge range of shelves out there to suit every need on the market today. “Investing in the right shelves for your business is something you won’t regret,” said Spokesman of Bernards Bins Bernard Jones. “At affordable prices and great quality, log on to Bernards Bins and take advantage of our unbeatable deals.” http://www.bernardsbins.com/bin-kits-and-tool-racks/
Shelves are also essential for storing stock and products. If you need to store heavy items, make sure you have the right heavy-duty shelves to support them. Secure shelves can also be purchased to keep confidential documents or expensive items safe. Give some thought to your specific needs and speak to an adviser if necessary. While it can be tempting to avoid tackling the problem, once you are better organised you can start saving money straight away. Good quality shelves can be brought so cheaply nowadays, you will recoup the investment almost immediately.
Glenn Benson
Bernard Jones