E Cigarette Web Announces Super Sale on E-cigarette Accessories

4th of July, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Cheam, London, 04 July 2011 :E-cig users can now save more on their smokeless smoking. A premier store supplying E-cigs, E Cigarette Web has recently announced a super sale. With the reduced prices, the company now wishes to reach out to more customers. Buyers can now save on their purchases of most e-cig merchandise like e-cartridges, liquid nicotine, starter kits and other accessories as well.

Talking about the super sale offer, a marketing manager for the company stated, “With e-cigarettes, we offer our customers a smoke free experience which allows them the freedom to use where they want. To add to their convenience, we have decided to reduce the prices on most of the e-cigs and accessories. From starter kits to refill liquids, we offer them at the best prices possible.”

The offer is applicable to nicotine liquids in different flavours, starter kits, mini and super mini cartridges. Some of the items such as their e-liquids with separate droppers are offered at prices as low as £5.99, whilst e-cigarette starter kits can now be purchased for only £26.99. These kits includes 2 batteries, 1 atomiser, 1 battery charger, 1 power cord, 5 assorted e-cigarette cartridges and a user manual to assist the buyer.

Mentioning one of the items from the catalog, the marketing manager said; “Take our high nicotine e-cigarette cartridges for instance, these are now starting at just £6.29. These allow you to replenish your e-cigs with our e-cig cartridges at much reduced prices which can save users up to 80% of what they would normally spend on traditional cigarettes.”

E-cigarette users get an incredible smoking experience that is free of combustion, smoke and lingering odour. It's definitely a smart way of smoking. With the added discounts on most of the e-cigarette accessories, users can enjoy their e-cigs with additional savings. The store offers an ample range of best electronic cigarette accessories.

About E Cigarette Web

E Cigarette Web is a prominent UK based company that offers tar and tobacco free e-cigarettes. Due to their smoke and tobacco less features, many people now opt to buy electronic cigarettes. With e-cigarettes increasingly becoming more popular, the company is witnessing a steady growth in the number of their customers.

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E Cigarette Web is a prominent UK based company that offers tar and tobacco free e-cigarettes.