ALBA Synchrotron Shines a Light on Archiving with Atempo Digital Archive

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LONDON, UK, June 29, 2011 – Atempo, a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, announced today that the 200 million-euro ALBA synchrotron light facility has deployed Atempo Digital Archive, Atempo’s advanced file archiving platform, to preserve scientific data for the long term while optimising storage resources.

Located near Barcelona, ALBA is a world-leading synchrotron light facility, accelerating electrons to produce x-rays that help scientists to understand the inner structures of particles. Using its facilities, research groups, including Nobel prizewinners, from all over the world will carry out cutting-edge experiments across all scientific fields, from material stress tests in manufacturing to measuring bone growth.

ALBA’s synchrotron will run up to 30 experiments. Seven are currently being conducted around the accelerator, with each detector producing potentially up to 300MB/per second of raw data in the case of the 2-3 high throughput beam lines. With each test lasting several minutes at a time, in the course of one day the amount of scientific data generated is a major challenge for the computing and controls team at ALBA.

In order to provide scientists with fast access to experiment data, including results for analysis, ALBA has 250TB of primary storage with Hitachi HNAS platform powered by BlueArc®, Cluster online storage where data is held. ALBA needed a file-archiving solution to free up space on its primary storage and keep experiment data safe for future reference. To meet these demands, ALBA chose Atempo Digital Archive (ADA). Using ADA’s Storage Management capabilities, data is automatically migrated after a period of three months from ALBA’s primary online storage to an Overland NE08000 with 8 LTO5 drives, a low-cost tape storage solution. By archiving data with ADA for long-term preservation to tape, valuable space is freed on the primary storage solution for new experiment data. This ensures cost effective, fast access to the new data as research continues.

In addition, Atempo Digital Archive will archive the specific and varying metadata that is recorded as each synchrotron experiment carried out, such as the name of the project, the beam line used and the name of the researcher. By archiving this information, ADA enables the scientists to easily search and retrieve the experiment data based on this meta data criteria.

"Using Atempo, we can centrally manage and securely archive 250 TB of precious scientific experiment data for long-term retention, so it can always be accessed. ADA allows us to easily and quickly search for and retrieve information,” said Joachim Metge, IT Manager at ALBA. “In addition, being able to transfer a large amount of data to a low-cost tape solution means ALBA can keep costs down while at the same time continuing to provide fast easy access to the scientists’ experiment data when they need it the most.”

ALBA also relies on Atempo Time Navigator (ATN) to safely and securely back up the company’s 30 servers, containing around 30TB of data, including data directories, network shares and emails. ATN allows ALBA to easily restore files from any point in time and from any storage device. With the capability of carrying out incremental backups every day, whereby only new or revised files are backed up, bandwidth usage is minimized and backup windows are kept short.

“Scientific research facilities like ALBA are faced with exponential growth of unstructured data that needs to be kept safely for the long-term while remaining accessible for future use,” said Stephane Kirchacker, managing director, Northern Europe and Southern Europe for Atempo. “As a leading provider of data protection and archiving solutions, Atempo enables research centers to easily and efficiently manage their data, optimize their existing storage resources and keep costs down.”

About ALBA
ALBA is a facility co-financed by the Spanish government and the Catalan government. It is a new generation of synchrotron. ALBA is a circular-shaped machine that uses arrays of magnets, called insertion devices to generate bright beams of synchrotron light.

ALBA is situated in Cerdanyola del Vallès, near Barcelona. Around the machine there are a collection of experimental research laboratories, called beamlines. At each beamline, scientists independently use the light generated by the machine for a wide variety of experiments. The ALBA team currently consists of about 160 dedicated engineers, scientists, support staff and technicians.

About Atempo
Atempo enables organizations to preserve and protect digital information simply and effectively, across any infrastructure, on any platform, over long periods of time. Atempo’s comprehensive archiving solutions deliver policy-based and workflow-driven management of rich media files, e-mail and other high-value digital assets to maximize the efficiency and performance of storage systems and reduce long-term storage costs. Atempo’s fully-integrated software portfolio also includes backup and recovery of heterogeneous servers, workstations and laptops throughout the enterprise – from the data center to remote offices. Atempo serves thousands of customers around the world through a sales and support network of over 200 resellers and partners. Learn more about Atempo at


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