Award for British Gas Swimfit swimming site

28th of June, 2011 Bookmark and Share
A well-respected digital media award has been scooped by a site that helps people to build their fitness at UK swimming pools.

At the Big Chip Awards 2011 ceremony in Manchester, British Gas Swimfit was singled out as Best Not-For-Profit website and given a gold standard.

The site was praised for its "simplicity, ease-of-use and the quality of its content" by a panel of expert judges, which included the likes of New Media Age editor-in-chief Michael Nutley and Channel 4 head of cross-platform Matt Locke.

Commenting on the award, Barry Wage, web manager for the ASA and British Swimming, said: "As well as the only sport that will save your life, swimming is also a fantastic form of exercise, whatever your fitness goals.

"This award shows the British Gas Swimfit website is helping people harness its power to get the UK fitter and healthier."

On British Gas Swimfit, there is a range of resources to empower users to get the maximum benefit from sessions at swimming pools and improve their overall fitness.

This includes a list of frequently asked questions, how-to guides, a calorie cruncher, formal lesson plans and even a widget that identifies nearby swimming pools.

A dedicated Twitter feed and fan page on Facebook have also been launched as part of the site's social media integration so that people can swap swimming stories and read up on the latest news.

Thousands of people have been inspired to head down to their local swimming pools as part of the British Gas Swimfit drive, which was unveiled last year.

And it's expected that even more people will visit the site in the coming months after the official launch of the Big Splash mass-participation swimming initiative, which is being coordinated by British Swimming and the BBC.

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