Endeca Unveils Customer Experience Management Platform

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LONDON. – June 14, 2011 – Endeca Technologies, Inc., an agile information management software company, announced today Endeca InFront™, a customer experience management platform that enables businesses to deliver targeted and relevant customer experiences every time, in any channel. Comprised of new and updated product functionality, InFront enables organisations to deliver optimised and adaptive customer experiences that drive clicks and conversions.

Customer experiences are on the brink of a new era. Web sites have become critical to influencing decision-making and building a stronger relationship between the brand and the end-customer. The sheer number of devices consumers have at their disposal and the types of interactions they expect creates a challenging but exciting opportunity for customer experience professionals – from marketers, to merchandisers, to media moguls – to chart their course for optimising customer experiences.

A January 2011 report by Forrester Research Inc. entitled “2011 Customer Experience Predictions" states: “In 2011, the customer experience ecosystem will expand to include a dizzying array of new devices, touch points, and physical interactions. The breadth of this emerging ecosystem and the number of consumers engaged at each touchpoint will have significant influence on the daily workings of most organisations…”

InFront addresses these challenges by enabling consistent, user-centric interactions across channels within a single platform. New and enhanced functionality of InFront, to be highlighted today at 16:00 p.m. GMT in a live online press conference, includes:

• Tools to achieve multichannel nirvana – New InFront Social and updated InFront Mobile and SEO solutions to deliver consistent, relevant and content rich experiences across all channels to enhance engagement and brand loyalty. InFront lets business teams guide and influence customers along every unpredictable context with advanced multichannel merchandising, personalisation, and content targeting tools.

• Fast insights into all customer touch points – New InFront Intelligence, Endeca’s Agile BI solution for eBusiness, enables business teams to gain actionable insight into the performance of digital and in-store merchandising strategies, product performance, and customer sentiment. By providing insight into what’s happening inside and across the entire organisation, InFront helps business teams make better decisions that drive business performance.

• Increased agility to allow customers to take their own path – Performance enhancements and new capabilities to the InFront MDEX and Content Acquisition System enable exploration and discovery across the wide spectrum of content and data. These updated platform components will deliver enhanced relevancy ranking support and transparency into search and navigation results allowing for more targeted tuning, improved internationalisation capabilities for non-English deployments, and improved operational simplicity for system configuration, deployment, and management.

Customers using Endeca InFront to power millions of unique experiences everyday – including Ford Motor Company, Home Depot, Lexis Nexis, Newegg, Premier Farnell and Walmart – represent 45 of the Top 100 Online Retailers, 8 of the top 10 multichannel merchants, and tens of Fortune 100 manufacturers.

“The new challenge for online businesses today and in the future will be to deliver relevant and targeted customer experiences that are consistent across all customer touch points," said Gauthier Dhelin, SVP of Online Technology, Redcats USA. "Endeca is powering all product navigation on Redcats USA's web sites, mobile sites, iPhone, iPad and Android apps, as well as our brand new Facebook stores. It has a different approach to customer experience management that allows businesses to efficiently and effectively provide personalised and optimised customer experiences. And its inherent flexibility and unified infrastructure greatly simplifies expansion of new business models, marketing strategies and development of new channels, so organisations like Redcats can grow more rapidly.”

Endeca InFront is the industry leading customer experience management (CXM) platform that enables businesses to deliver targeted and relevant customer experiences every time, in any channel. Using all underlying product data and related content, InFront enables businesses to influence customer behavior regardless of where or how customers choose to engage – online, in-store, or on-the-go. With integrated analytics and agile tools, InFront gives business teams fast and actionable insight into all customer touch points.

“InFront allows businesses to create greater customer engagement with richer content and promotions,” said Jason Purcell, General Manager, eBusiness, Endeca. “With integrated analytics and agile business user tools, InFront adapts to changing market needs, influences customer behavior across channels, and scales a relevant, personalised experience for every customer, every time.”

Endeca InFront is available today for early access. To learn more about the Endeca InFront Platform, visit www.endeca.com/infront, download “Customer Experience Trends for 2012” or see a video on how our customers are thinking about the next era of customer experience.

About Endeca
Endeca is a leading provider of agile information management solutions that guide people to better decisions. Our software products, Endeca InFront™ and Endeca Latitude®, help people and organisations make better decisions despite constantly changing business needs and data integration requirements. Agile information management enables IT departments to adapt rapidly to diverse and changing information, while consistently helping end-users find the information they need and understand what they found. Endeca solutions are built on our MDEX Engine™ technology, a patented hybrid search analytical database. This innovation drives the industry leading Guided Navigation® user experience. Every day, Endeca’s solutions guide millions of users and thousands of businesses to faster and better use of information for decisions in life and work. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Endeca has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

For more information: endeca.com, http://ebusinessfacets.endeca.com/ or info@endeca.com.

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