Florida Green Homes is the premier green home builder in Florida

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We don't just say "Green," we certify it. All of our homes are highly energy efficient homes florida, Hurricane Resistant, Healthy to Live In and Environmentally Friendly!

From the first stages of construction of hurricane resistant homes we build with the intent to earn the highest recognition and acknowledgement for energy and health standards. When we finish crafting a brand new house, our certified green homes earn maximum points for energy/water efficiency, indoor air quality and environmental categories which all contribute to maximum savings for our customers.

Modern green homes receive only the highest certifications from the following organizations: EPA Indoor Air Quality Certificate (IAQ), Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Program, FPL Build Smart, Energy Star, Florida Water Star and most importantly Gold or Platinum certificates from the Florida Green Building Coalition which inspects all stages of construction.

Advantages of Living in a Florida Green Home

* Up to 70% Savings on your monthly Energy Bills!
* Resists up to 200 mph winds!
* Substantially lower Homeowner Insurance Rates!
* Virtually Allergen and Dust Free! Essential for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.
* Mold and Termite Resistant!
* Sound Suppressant and Fire Resistant!
* Low Maintenance, Florida Native Landscaping!

Green Home Savings

In our brand new green fl home for sale an average monthly savings on energy, water, lawn maintenance and homeowners’ insurance is about $200. This means that you can save an average of $2,400 per year, or $48,000 in 20 years.

Your Family’s Health is Priceless!

Our houses are built without products that contain formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons, asbestos, fiberglass or other toxic materials. We use only Certified Green: Zero VOC Paint, Cabinetry and Carpet. Florida Green Homes virtually eliminate dust, allergens, pollutants, black mold spores and insects inside the house.

Build Green and Save the Planet

Our eco-friendly construction methods reduce waste, conserve natural resources and protect our planet’s eco-systems as we build the latest in modern designed homes as well as home builders Jacksonville. For example, an average 2,000 sq. ft. house built with ICF construction saves up to 47 trees and minimizes ozone depletion.

From Luxury to Affordability

At Florida Green Homes, we strongly believe everyone can afford to build a Green House. With prices starting at $89,900 to over a million plus (on your lot) we have a home style for every budget and taste.

* We have three collections of models to choose from:
* Energy efficient homes we build anywhere in the State of Florida.
* Floridian Green and Smart Green Homes we build in North East and Central Florida.
* And, of course, we can build from your plans too!

Our prices are comparable to traditionally constructed homes but include a whole lot more. Check out our specs. Florida Green Homes is the only Jacksonville fl home builder in Florida that offers luxury features in the standard package.
Anna Vino is a consultant for Florida Green Homes LLC. Promoting a green construction builder means helping people make informed wise new homes purchases to retain home value in the future. Buying a green home means changing your way of life and trying to help others by waisting less energy from the planets fossil fuels. On avrage a Florida Green Home saves up to 70% on home utility bills.Click for Green homes for sale and Green home builder