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30th of May, 2011 Bookmark and Share
People want to create tone and definition to their bodies and drop the pounds at the same time. Why not indeed as looking good also makes you feel great. Relentless pounding away on the treadmill, cross trainer and SPIN cycle is the normal way of trying to achieve this body beautiful with some of the more initiated realising that weights and functional work is also required to get true results. But still so many fail to get the results they truly want. Don’t give up though as everyone can achieve it with the right combination of determination and motivation.

Many people still believe in the concept of the “fat burning zone” and a lot of the cardio equipment in gyms promote this concept. Yet, the majority of research shows that aerobic exercise in the renowned “fat burning zone” is just not an effective way to lose body fat. Women also shy away from weights with the fear it will make them bulky and create muscular tone that detracts from their femininity

But in most cases, 30 to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio three or four times a week isn't going to deliver the results you want. A full-body training program that includes both cardiovascular and resistance exercise, combined with a proper diet, is a far more effective way to drop the pounds.

So how do you lose the bodyfat and gain that elusive four pack or toning of arms, legs etc. You cannot spot reduce an area on your body, or in other words, you can't train a specific area hard and expect to lose bodyfat in that one area. It’s just not how it works. When you put bodyfat on, and this applies to men and women, you had no choice where that body fat was stored. It was your genetics that made that decision.

Similarly, when you lose bodyfat through exercise and adhering to a strict clean diet, you have no choice where you will lose bodyfat. You need to use the biggest muscles in your body like your legs, glutes, back etc to build a little muscle. This extra muscle will in turn burn bodyfat from your body as a whole and at a rate it chooses to. You have no control over that.

IgnitePT have developed a new personal training programme that guarantees these sculpted body results providing the client does their part – eating / drinking cleanly and giving the sessions their utmost. The assigned elite level personal trainers help every step of the way with nutrition guidance, motivation and the correct exercises. Or obviously, if you have the required discipline, motivation and understanding of exercises you can also construct your own programme.
Exercises to use in sessions should all be designed to use as much muscle mass as possible
which massively ramps up metabolism, builds a little bit of all important muscle (without making you big, ladies) and burns lots of bodyfat. For instance we have found that some of the best exercises are pushing a weighted sled around, working against your own body resistance in the bungee cord setup, Bulgarian bag throws and tug of war challenges.

A lot of the exercises are designed to be extremely taxing on nearly every muscle in the body, including the heart so it means involvement of not only the big muscle groups which speed the metabolism up and burn fat, but also blood pumps around the body at a far great rate than most can achieve on a treadmill or a cross trainer.

So bottom line is to achieve that perfect outline exercise structure should burn fat at a very fast rate, strengthen and tone your muscles (ladies) not bulk them, increase your cardio capacity so general fitness goes up, rapidly increase muscular endurance, flatten stomach and make your bum smaller quicker than anything I know ( liposuction excluded)

Whether overweight, unfit, tired, want to achieve better results, IgnitePT are keen to help. The website is undergoing development and will shortly have a load of free tips / advice on nutrition, exercises, etc. Join the contact list and start the journey to a perfectly toned body.
Treat yourself to a better body - it will be the best decision you have ever made.

As the saying goes, "Success waits for no man", or woman. You have to go and get it so why wait.........
Avril Watson
The author of this article became so impassioned about personal training as a result of having lost over 6 stones (84 lbs) in weight through it that she created her own training studio – ignitePT - offering personal training and class sessions. It is an exclusive personal training studio with the aim of providing top quality trainers at rates that are accessible to all and effective results driven training.