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28th of May, 2011 Bookmark and Share is a new-user friendly website, it is easy to navigate around and has a forum. is a free website that allows users to earn extra money. It has a lively community and is a freebie website that rewards people for referrals. Users of the website have to refer a certain number of friends to receive a free prize. If a user refers one friend then they get $40, 2 friends $80 e.t.c
Users can even get a custom order where they can get whatever prize they want and FortuneFreebies tells users how many referrals they need. has an entire range of prizes and gifts ranging from an iPad 2 to limited edition books. FortuneFreebies is everyones dream! has a special competition running at the moment:

The first person to get 10 referrals gets an extra $100

The first person to get 7 referrals gets an extra $50 is a great site and is definitely worth looking at and using. It blows away all competition as it has better pay-outs and is completely legitimate (look it up). If one does not want money or a gadget then a user can ask for a custom order.... What a Great Website!

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nadia isa
I have chosen to write about this website because it is such a great website, that everyone has to know about it - I did not even know these websites existed and when I found out about it I thought that it was not legitimate as would most people - but it definitely is! (you can research about it). It is much better than any competition as well as it has better pay-out rates! Do use the website or at least check it out, if its not your thing then don't? But I am sure everyone would love it!