A Solid Telecom Expense Management Partner - CommSouth

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CommSouth is an organization rendering software and communications solutions. CommSouth believes in offering completely customized solutions to corporate organizations at world-class standards.

With its inception in the 1995, CommSouth has partnered with several corporate organizations to enhance their proficiency and productivity through Integrated Telephone and Call Accounting Software, Facilities Management Software and Telecom Expense Management. CommSouth has also established its name as Telecom Consultants.

CommSouth has won the hearts of many business entrepreneurs and management professionals with its award winning software named COHERENT, a Facilities and Maintenance Management Software. They have also brought in various ground-breaking software solutions including ASENTINEL, a Telecommunication Expense Management Software and many more.

CommSouth’s unparalleled reputation has also been acknowledged by its enormous clientele across India and abroad. It has extended its service of providing software solutions across the Middle East.

CommSouth Infocom is a Telecom Expense Management Consultant specializing in the spheres of Tariff optimization, Rationalization, Carrier Contract Negotiation, Telecom Audit (both current and historic).

CommSouth has successfully established a 100% Export Oriented Unit in the ITES category. This unit is registered under the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI).

CommSouth is built on the strong support offered by professionals who are passionate, technology driven and extremely innovate at every initiate they take. Guided by the robust leadership of the Managing Director, Mr.Suchithra Sagar and Director, the organization is absolutely geared to reach further heights.

CommSouth’s customer base is highly extensive. CommSouth works jointly with clients to target and generate value, diminish risks, optimize client competencies, and align the organization. CommSouth provides a Collaborative Business Experience, a solid guarantee to obtain client success. This experience is intended to aid clients accomplish enhanced, quicker and more sustainable results through flawless contact to our association of world-renowned expertise and specialised methods and tools.

It has had the pleasure of working with top-notch organizations across various industries including IT, ITES, Telecommunication, Educational, Financial Institutions and so on.

A few esteemed clients of CommSouth include Microsoft, SAP, Ford, Hyundai, Oracle, Accenture, Cognizant Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cable & Wireless, Ericsson India, Yahoo, Bangalore International Airport, Saudi Arabian Airlines and many others too.

At CommSouth the focus is on offering relevant solutions and software (Call Accounting Software, Facilities Management Software, Facilities Maintenance Software, Telecom Expense Management, and Telecom Consultancy) that make it simpler for customers to manage and administer their business processes and assist them to meet their goals and objectives.
The author has offered numerous reviews on the topics of companies which have created a new mark in providing exceptional service in the telecommunication services. Thus, CommSouth be termed as a software and communications solutions company that can address requirements in the area of Call Accounting Software, Facilities Management Software, Facilities Maintenance Software, Telecom Expense Management and telecom consultancy.