Fostering: My Time to Care

19th of May, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Pam's been a foster carer with locally based foster care agency, Fostering Solutions, for nearly ten years. Pam hadn't always dreamt of being a foster carer, she was busy raising her own family, but gradually she realised they needed her less and less and it was her 'time to care' and decided that fostering was for her!

Not sure how to go about becoming a foster carer, Pam was pleased to see a Fostering Solutions advert in her local newspaper. She dialled the number on the advert, chatted with the friendly staff in the Carer Recruitment team and within the blink of an eye her career as a foster carer began!

Since that day, Pam has provided a stable and supportive home to many children and young people from all sorts of backgrounds, learning so much along the way "you teach them things and they teach you things back, I've learnt so much from the people I've looked after, I wouldn't have missed it for the world".

If you feel it's your 'time to care', please phone the friendly people in Fostering Solutions Carer Recruitment Team on 08453 700 500 or apply online at You don't need formal qualifications, you will have full initial and ongoing training. All you need are your child care skills (gained through looking after your own children or other peoples) and a spare bedroom in your home for your foster child to call their own.
Kate Botham
Kate Botham PR and Communications Department Fostering Solutions