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London Learning Center offer classes for all six levels from Beginner to Advanced. The focus is on accurate, effective communication. Students can study our English courses London separately or together with our Business, IT, or Accounting courses.
Beginner (A1)
An introductory course for new arrivals or those with little or no previous knowledge of the language.
Elementary (A2)
The focus of learning is practical everyday English with an emphasis on relevant vocabulary so that the student can participate in London life and make the most of their visit.
Pre-Intermediate (A2)
The English learning process is very exciting as students acquire language very quickly at this level. The interactive classroom approach ensures that there is an opportunity to practise speaking and listening skills with an emphasis on clear pronunciation. Grammar is taught in class and students are encouraged to learn the patterns that will be of most relevance to them in their personal lives. Reading and writing are taught in such a way that our students have the opportunity to personalise their English.
Intermediate (B1)
At this level our students can express themselves confidently and have rewarding conversations with native speakers. A variety of tenses are covered in order to allow more sophisticated expression in both the written and spoken word. Our students learn with the use of authentic material so that they can integrate the language used in the classroom with that encountered in real-life situations. As in all levels, the variety of teaching methods ensures that each student learns in a way that matches their learning style.
Upper-Intermediate (B2)
Students have an operational command of language at this stage and are taught to understand more complicated texts and interaction patterns so that they can use English more effectively for professional or academic purposes. Our teachers, at times, point out students’ errors and encourage them to correct themselves so that they can use language accurately outside the classroom. Preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate is covered in these classes for those students who choose to take the exam.
Advanced (C1)
The student has full operational command of the language at this level and can understand almost everything spoken or written. Various writing and speaking styles are covered in lessons so that the learner has a larger repertoire of expression and is prepared if they choose to take the Cambridge Advanced exam. At this level our students enjoy learning more about the respective cultures of native English speakers through the way they use language. With the use of their wide range of grammatical structures, students are encouraged to express complex concepts in both the spoken and written word.
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