King Edward VII’s Hospital in London

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King Edward VII’s Hospital in London sees significant growth in patient numbers after £3m investment

A unique London institution is bucking the trend in private health care by reporting impressive growth in clinical activity.

The award-winning King Edward VII Hospital, in London’s West End, has scanned and X-rayed more than 1,300 extra patients in the year to March, an increase of 19% on 2009/10. The growth in physiotherapy is even greater with more than 5,000 extra slots delivered, an increase of 23%. During the same period endoscopy procedures in the hospital’s state of the art unit have risen by 54%.

The impressive increases come on top of steady growth in inpatient and day cases which have seen a 2.6% rise year-on-year. The upsurge in cases at the Marylebone hospital follows a £3m investment over three years in new scanning equipment and state-of-the-art facilities including one of the capital’s few hydrotherapy pools.

The Hospital’s Chief Executive, John Lofthouse said: “I’m delighted to see the growth in patient numbers over the last year which follows our decision to concentrate on our existing patient base. We are just now coming out of a very tough economic period, which has affected many parts of the private healthcare sector.

“The fact that under these circumstances patient numbers have grown, is a real sign of the excellence of care for which the hospital is renowned. This success really is a testament to the dedication of all of our staff, and I look forward to us continuing this pattern of growth in 2011.”

The hospital - which boasts hand-picked consultants, superb facilities and five-star food - is approved by most health insurers.


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Notes to Editors:

King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes is an independent, acute private Hospital located in Marylebone, central London. The Hospital delivers the highest standards of private medical care in London, supported by outstanding nurses, first class staff and hand-picked consultants, all of whom are recognised leaders in their fields. In our most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey, the Hospital received 95.7% for overall satisfaction. Full details of the survey can be found at

King Edward VII's Hospital for Officers was established in 1899 by two sisters, Agnes and Fanny Keyser, who turned their home at 17 Grosvenor Crescent into a hospital for sick and wounded Officers, returning from the Boer War. King Edward VII became the Hospital's first patron.

In 2000 the Hospital changed its title to King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes and more recently, in accordance with its charitable aim, the financial benefits to which Officer patients had been entitled, were unconditionally extended to all ranks of ex-Service personnel.

Subsidies and grants are available to all ranks of Service and ex-Service personnel, their spouses, ex-spouse, widows and widowers.


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Media contact: Andrew McLachlan 0207 384 6992 /