Morgellons is proved that it is not a delusional disorder

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31st August 2013, USA ( : Morgellons is considered as a controversial and poorly understood condition in which unusual thread-like fibers appear under the skin. The patient may feel as if something is biting, crawling or stinging all over. This disease is more feasible to affect middle aged white women.

According to the researchers many of the patients showed signs of being obsessively concerned about health problems in general and this is called as somatic concerns. The researchers state that the condition is not caused by an infection or anything in the environment.

The people suffering from this disease show symptoms such as:

• A feeling as if bugs are crawling all over the body.

• Burning sensation under the skin

• Intense itching

• Skin sore that appears suddenly and heal slowly.

• Sores that leave scars

The study included a lab analysis of skin fibers of patients suffering from this disease. The results of the analysis were revealed by the researchers that the fibers were mostly cotton mostly found in clothing or bandages. They also revealed that skin sores seemed to be the result of long-term picking and scratching the skin.

Previous research suggested that this disease may be linked to Lyme disease. Some patients with signs and presages of this disease were tested positive for the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Morgellons appears to be similar to a condition seen in cattle called bovine digital dermatitis, which is due to an infection. The study researchers say that this provides evidence that this is not a delusional disorder.

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