Easy Click Cam Announces New, Affordable Intraoral Dental Camera

27th of August, 2013 Bookmark and Share
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EasyClickCam is pleased to announce that it offers one of the most powerful and affordable Intraoral Dental Camera systems on the market today. Easy Click Cam understands that dentists need high-quality intraoral cameras in order to provide the best level of care to their patients. They also understand that many intraoral cameras are simply overpriced and not always manufactured to high standards.

The basic principle behind this company is that they believe dentists have been paying more than they should for certain pieces of equipment that simply do not perform to high standards or have a long working life. This is why the company went to work developing one of the best intraoral dental cameras available today. And they were able to do this at an intraoral camera price that is affordable and reasonable.

The Easy Click Cam camera for intra oral use has all of the features that dentists want and need in a Dental Intraoral Camera. For instance, the system offers a 4X zoom that can be used with a single button click. With a single click, dentists can view an amazing level of detail and are also able to zoom to a maximum magnification level that will reveal microscopic fractures in tooth enamel as well as other defects that are difficult to see.

This affordable, yet powerful, intraoral camera, is able to work with all of the most popular imaging applications including: Duntrix, Eaglesoft, Easy Dental, Schick, Suni, Kodak, Apteryx, Abeldent, Open Dental, XDR, and many others.

The system is also able to provide the high-quality, clear images that dentists need in order to provide the best care to their patients. In fact, the clarity that the EasyClickCam provides is considered to be one of the best that is available today.

While this one of the most affordable, if not "the" most affordable, intraoral dental camera available, it comes with a wealth of features. The system comes with advanced High-Def CMOS sensor, magnification up to 400 percent, fast video processing with less distortion, illumination provided by 6 high-quality LEDs, automatic shut down feature, USB cable included (8 feet), works with MS Window XP and later versions of Windows in both 32 or 64 bit. No need for special drivers and no need to buy additional imaging software.

The system also includes proprietary EasyClickCam software which will allow the intraoral camera to be used with any popular dental imaging application so that photos can be saved in the patient's chart. It should be noted that this unique intraoral camera can even be used without additional dental imaging software, and this intraoral camera can be used for video exams. It can save images as JPG, BMP, or TIFF files. Also, each EasyClickCam intraoral camera comes with a software license that is good for two computers. This means the office can install the software on two computer systems and move the camera as needed between the two.

To learn more about this incredible dental intraoral camera, visit the company website. Complete information is available as well as testimonials from current users. Why spend more money for less quality?

For more information please visit http://www.easyclickcam.com/
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