AGE121 offers Advice for Online Students

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AGE121 offers both professional training services to those who seek to gain new skills for their current jobs and employer recruitment services for those looking for a new job or a change in career. Many prospective job seekers have successfully started in successful positions thanks to AGE's job board and job searching tools.

Online degree-seeking students, however, may have more trouble than most job seekers in finding gainful employment during their schooling or immediately after receiving their degrees. For these student job seekers, the article recommends taking a slightly different approach to finding a new career.

For starters, says the article, serious job seekers should begin searching for employment options at least half a year in advance before the time at which they plan to enter the job market. This is due in large part because online students do not have the same advantages as students attending a physical campus.

"At brick and mortar universities, students have access to resources like career counsellors, career fairs, and the advice and networks of their colleagues and professors," explains an AGE121 spokesperson. "Online students have limited access to all of these types of resources, however as such, there is more of an onus on active research on their part, as it becomes harder for them to simply bump into a good employment opportunity during their studies."

This is not, however, to say that online students have no rights to their university's resources, the article explains. Rather than visit them in person, the article recommends that online students contact their university career services office via phone or email and explain their situation. In this way, online students can still reap many of the same benefits as on-campus students, possibly including virtual career fairs catered to those in their type of situation.

Networking is also just as important for online students as for offline students, the article continues, if not even more so. Only about 20% of all current job openings are ever publicly advertised, the article explains. For the remainder, job seekers will never find out about them without talking to those already in the know.

"Job seekers who want positions near where they currently are need to figure out who they know that can open those doors for them," advises AGE121. "For the rest, it becomes a matter of reaching out online to individuals who may be able to help and introducing themselves."

Social media is also more important than ever in the job search, says the article. More employers are using online professional resources such as LinkedIn to scout for new talent, while others may post open positions exclusively to online job boards like Monster and Reed. This makes a professional and organised online presence important for everyone, but doubly so for online students who do not have the benefit of introducing themselves face to face with potential recruiters.

Through careful planning, organisation, and a professional presence, says AGE121, online students can greatly increase their chances of landing a successful position.


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