Crossing the next hurdle: Q&As for GD PI call getters

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The GD PI rounds for admissions to Maharashtra’s top Business schools is soon going to get kickstarted. In the present juncture there are numerous questions arising in the minds of GD PI call getters, such as: What are the chances of getting an abstract GD topic? What should be the answer to 'Why do you want to join the MBA Course’? What is the instant way to prepare since few days are left? How to deal with stress interviews? brings to you the answers to some of these most important questions. These Q&As; have been selected from our recent expert live chats on GD PI.
Q: What is the right answer to: 'Why do you want to join the MBA Course?'
A: There is no correct answer to such a question. One just needs to give a logical answer, such that it fits into your background. It could range from wanting to shift your stream due to interest, to having a plan to start your own business one day. Think about where you are presently, where you want to be in five years or 10 years, and fit your answer accordingly.
Q: How to cope up with speaking hesitation?
A: One should not worry about speaking hesitation. There are quite a few people who come to the top B-schools and have trouble in expressing their views, in spite of having an extremely good thought process and flow in logic. The course at these B-schools helps you in overcoming any inhibitions. Just be confident.
Q: What are the DOs &DON;’Ts for the PI round?
A: There are no real do’s and don’ts to a Personal Interview. One must have a set of strengths, and a good interview is one where you can lead the interviewer to your strengths. At the same time, it is good to be prepared on all fronts, including academics and work experience (if present) because the interviewer tries to put one in an uncomfortable spot. There is always a time given to an interviewee at the start of the interview to make their pitch, and it is important to make the most of this time.
Q: How to deal with stress interviews?
A: The idea of a stress interview is to test your resistance or performance under stress. Therefore, though there is no preparation for questions of this kind, a good check is to make sure throughout the interview that one is staying calm and not arguing back. It is a good idea to take a minute and then start answering.
Q: How to address a GD, 'Dear friends/Group members'? Or shall I look at the panelists and address it to them?
A: Group discussions are addressed to the group and not the panel. It is a good idea to take up the discussion, as if the panel did not exist for the length of the discussion. Being the initiator, moderator or concluder also draws extra notice.
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