Broadstone accountant helps launch Eccotemp shower

3rd of May, 2011 Bookmark and Share
“Our accountant helped us set price bands for a new product,” says Pauline Hardwick, Director of Abbas Cabins Ltd in Bournemouth.
Birkett & Co in Broadstone provided valuable advice when the Eccotemp, portable hot water gas powered camping shower was launched.
“Tim has given us a lot of time and guidance relating to Eccotemp, our new venture,” says Pauline. “He has been extremely active in setting the price bands to both retail and wholesale outlets for this product.”
Abbas Cabins has been a Birkett & Co client since 2005. “The service feels very personal and Tim, along with his staff, are always eager to resolve any issues we have, responding quickly and efficiently.
“Since being with Tim he has helped us enormously, he recommended a book keeper, Sue Cannon, who visits our premises once a week to up date all the entries and VAT returns.
“Tim has definitely helped us run more efficiently and as a consequence saved the company money. I would like to take this opportunity to say that he truly makes you feel as though you are his one and only concern. (Not many companies make you feel like this nowadays.)”
Birkett & Co Director Tim Birkett adds: “Abbas Cabins’ turnover is rising and they have a very healthy order book. I went to the Outdoor Show at the NEC in Birmingham with them last year to support them in selling the Eccotemp where they secured 500 orders.
thePRChap is a former Business Editor for a regional newspaper.