Versatility enhanced due to ‘World Population Day’

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23rd July 2013 , USA ( : Within a few decades, it has been observed that the population on this green planet as summated massively. As per the required resources, there has been a complete failure in the appropriate management of the growth of the population in every nook & corner of the globe & thus this lead to the overburdening on the natural resources due to lack of proper & effective measures. China followed by India has been some of the most efficient countries which ranked being the highly populated countries till date.

On account of this prestigious ceremony, the overall growth of population was accounted by the United Nations, mainly focusing on the topic of ‘adolescent pregnancy’. The reports stated that there have been approximately 16 million girls, who are below 18 years of age & all those have attained the stage of early pregnancy, each year. Such facts are enhanced by getting indulged into the acts of intimacy at an early stage of life.

There have been infinite measures which have enhanced the need for controlling pregnancy during the adolescent age. But most of the people possess a misconception, that such measures can be prevented only through the surgical treatments like abortion. But, in this contemporary world, instead of undergoing such harsh methods, proper & effective educational resources must be laid forward & also the utilization of the birth control techniques must be encouraged.

There have been many cases registered where young girls are observed undergoing unsafe techniques associated with abortion & this proves to be life-threatening for both the mother as well as the fetus. This can also relate to certain harmful complications during delivery & labor.

Thus, for the betterment of the nation, fundamental events for education the adolescents must be provided so as to keep such happenings at bay. Moreover, sex education among the society must be encouraged.

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