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Escubed has been providing highly advanced R&D; and particle technological support to almost every sector for enhancing their manufacturing performance and industrial processes for improved business returns. They conduct highly reliable and scientifically advanced analysis of the colloids, particles and powders to support various sectors. Escubed ltd provides services like R&D; and analytical service, routine QA analytical services other than particle design, formulation design, problem solving and trouble shooting, method development and validation. These services basically enable the clients to optimize their manufacturing outputs and gain maximum profits.

They study and measure the physical properties of particles, like particle size distribution by the methods of laser diffraction, cascade impaction, sieving. They study the particle shape, particle density, BET specific surface area, X-ray diffraction, flow ability, moisture and electrostatic measurements. They also give inputs about power processing techniques such as mixing and milling and scaling up aspects. They also undertake study of particle zeta potential, density, shape, particle size distribution, filtration behaviour and rheological behaviour. Escubed has access to variety of equipments available in the EU for studying the Colloids characterization which can measure particle size distribution, zeta potential, stability and settling behaviour, wetting and particle-particle interaction. They provide any kind of help, guidance and suggestions regarding colloidal systems.

The company’s previous clients have high opinion about them. They have given their feedback, which is displayed on the company’s website. The company believes in delivering the services and products before time. In most of the cases they have delivered the services and products a week before the deadline. So you can rely on them for timely completion of the projects with the best results. They have been trying to follow wherever possible the best practices followed by BS and ISO standards. They use BS13320 for particle sizing and Pharmacopoeia methods when required. Escubed had the privilege of playing a vital role in the ISO technical committees. They have a very close and long relationship with Malvern instruments and it is the only UK approved 3rd party contract analysis lab providing excellent particle characterization, analysis and solutions.

Escubed uses the analytical techniques like AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) and interfacial properties, density measurement, particle shape analysis, particle counting, zeta potential and solid liquid separation etc. You can request them a quote after filling up a complete form given on the company’s website. You can also read the latest about the technological up gradation in the market in the News section on the website and which also notifies about the schemes offered by the company, which is making a buzz among the potential customers. If you wish to place an order or know further then visit their website:- Or call up on: - +44 (0)0845 838 8701
Escubed Limited
Escubed ltd provides research and development services in colloids, particles and powder technology to diverse customers belonging to all the sectors. Our office is in Leeds, U.K. We provide services like R& D support, manufacturing support, method development and validation, Routine QA analytical services, Formulation design, Problem solving and trouble shooting. We try to follow the ISO standards and BS standards and also play an active role in the ISO technical committees. Please visit our website and have a look, and if you like our services then can ask for a free quote by filling up a form given on the website.