Chronic illnesses increase mortality rates, reports WHO

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A recent health care survey was made, figuring out for the reasons and factors responsible for increasing death rates on global fronts. The reports of World health organization (WHO) revealed the basic triggers as chronic illnesses and disorders that are linked to increasing the mortality rate. Cancer, Diabetes, and heart diseases are the major ones from them.

As per the recent reports, it has been accounted that more than 36 millions of people died of these chronic illnesses in 2008. The reports are figured out with global reference and not limited to any particular areas. The figures of death rates due to such chronic disorders were around 17 millions in 2005, within the span of two years it almost doubled. This is a very depressing thing; it seems we are completely helpless in reducing the consequences responsible for such illnesses. If this remains the scenario, then the numbers are bound to triple in the upcoming years.

When studied about the factors responsible for such illnesses to emerge in increased amounts, the major cause was none other than unhealthy diets, environmental pollution, unhealthy physical activities, addiction to alcoholism etc. These things need to be kept a check on.On the other side, the results came out with the fact that around 80 percent of the death rates belonged to the low and middle income countries.Initially there was a time, when people were scared of infectious diseases like malaria, influenza, cholera etc. Amazingly, the survival rates of people victim to such infections have been much better than the former death rates due to chronic illnesses.

However, the science and technology has been struggling extremely hard to bring out a one stop solution that aids such difficulties. Or rather, it would be much effective if any kind of preventative measure is found out that helps the person stay diabetes free and justice to his sugar cravings.According to WHO (World health organization), the death rates can be controlled by promoting and introducing policies emphasizing the importance of healthier diets and stronger smoking and alcoholic legislation. These steps would surely contribute in bringing down the numbers and would remarkably help in reducing the chances of people suffering from chronic illnesses. The importance of balanced diet is emphasized during the school days, when we grow up we fail to follow what has been thought which then gives a grave punishment.

The scary thing of long lasting troubles like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, impotence and any kind of deficiency stays forever. Hence, what we can do is abide to the preventative measures and keep us safe of these issues to lead a healthy living.Doctors made campaigns on importance of routine check-up, after reviewing the increased mortality rates in people with chronic troubles. It has been observed that a routine sugar and cholesterol check up in the blood would help in controlling the consequences of developing imbalance.

Focusing in the components responsible for developing the risk factors, revealed smoking as the biggest cause for developing the chances to such non-communicable diseases and reducing the life expectancy.
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