Effective Strategies For Managing Employee Vacation Requests

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Imagine if your staff leave planner allowed you to specify the shifts or work patterns of your workers exactly the way they are. And if it then handled allowances and entitlements equally well in days and in hours. And then all calculations worked in fixed allowance as well as accrued allowance scenario. If these calculations were correct and you could rely on them that would save you a lot of time and trouble, wouldn’t it?

This is why we call Leave Wizard the most powerful leave planner online. It has the built-in understanding that leave specifics are different in each environment and so it provides the flexibility to be configured so it fits in your exact context. For example the ability to handle allowances and leave in hours is just as good as handling leave in days. If you have shift workers or temporary staff Leave Wizard allows you to specify exactly how they work and account correctly for their allowance and leave taken. With custom groups you can model various rules to suit your organizational policies. Leave Wizard supports calendars with public or company events that can be designated to a specific location therefore providing great support for multi-national companies.

On top of that Leave Wizard of course comes equipped with all the standard features you would expect from an excellent employee holiday planner like visibility of employee schedules and leave, smooth request and approval process, email notifications, automatic carry over processing, Outlook and Google Calendar integration.
When it comes to visualization and reporting it is fair to say that Leave Wizard excels again. There’s a variety of charts and calendar views and especially good is the Outlook like calendar view that lets you visualize in different ways the availability of your staff and any public or company events that employees should be aware of. Additionally the reporting functions are both filter rich and exportable to Excel/CSV allowing you to further adjust and calculate more numbers relevant to your organization.

Leave Wizard is an effective HR and leave management system. It is an online tool which is a great advantage as that makes it easily accessible and a cost effective solution as well. Leave Wizard comes with some powerful features that in combination cannot be seen in any other similar product as well as with all the standard features you would expect from a good staff leave planning application.

Leave Wizard

Staff holiday and leave planner for busy managers

Leave Wizard allows you to specify unlimited number of locations and each of them has its own specific settings. These include - location specific public holiday or company days or events calendars, work patterns/shifts, time zones and maximum number of staff on leave.

The location features within Leave Wizard will help you configure the system to match your organization’s structure and apply location specific settings and rule.

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