Donna Kolev releases her first debut album 'All I Have' to rave reviews

23rd of April, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Donna Kolev has been a professional singer for over ten years, gathering more than her fair share of performance experience. However, most of that time she spent covering other people's music, it wasn't until recently that she decided it was finally time to put herself to the real challenge of writing and composing her own music. Putting pen to paper she wrote from the heart.

Performing in the UK, Spain, France and Bulgaria she has gathered many personal experiences, which she has incorporated into her music, giving us a glimpse of her inner feelings and making us feel like we know her that little bit better. Little did she know that it would be heard by millions the world over, after she was snapped up by JMD Records/Ingrooves for an International digital download deal.

JMD Records, which is a partner of Universal Music Group and Donna are both excited about what the future holds for this budding singer/songwriter.

Donna still has her feet firmly on the ground but she is most definitely an artist to look out for in the future and we hope there is plenty more where this came from!!

Buy her album now from iTunes and Amazon and decide for yourself!
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