Customized dredging components supplied by Dredge Yard to Bahrain

18th of June, 2013 Bookmark and Share
Bahrain is located in the heart of Arabian Gulf with both geographical access and has become famous of undergoing massive dredging and land reclamation projects.
Dredge Yard designed the components according to the customer’s existing dredger to fit all parts on current dredging pipe and machinery. All the work was made around the clock to realize the fast delivery time and ensure high quality casting, machining, welding, testing and inspections.
All parts are manufactured and delivered from Dredge Yard facilities in the United Arab Emirates and transported by trucks to Bahrain to shorten delivery time.
Dredge Yard is located across several countries and is dedicated to the engineering, consulting and production of dredgers, dredging equipment and technologies.

Dredge Yard is located in The United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, and The Arab Republic of Egypt.

Dredge Yard is dedicated to the market of dredge equipment and dredging technology like dredge ball joints, dredge valves, dredge suction mouth, dredge discharge pipe, dredge suction pipes, dredge turning glands, dredge spuds, dredge spud carriers, dredge drag heads, dredge bow couplings, dredge anchor booms, and other dredging equipment.

Dredge Yard mission is to deliver dredge related products with a high ratio of reliability and Value for Money.

Dredge Yard is determined to achieve this mission by involving customers and suppliers in all its activity in a very early stage of the projects and implement their experiences in the design to ensure on time delivery, cost effective production, low maintenance, low operation cost and high grade of reliability of the products.
Iulia Yousef
Iulia Berchiu, Marketing Manager