Counterfeits Now Focussing On Cancer Medicines

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June 18, 2013 ( -International authorities investigating on the fake drugs which contained no active ingredients and no medical benefits were discovered. The people involved in making of counterfeits of the cancer medicines have mostly targeted the high –priced and live saving medications. Their primary focus was to sell the drugs at a cheaper price by approximately 20% to the buyers and hence gained people’s attention. This helped them by making tremendous profit in a short period of time.

The counterfeits of the drug “Zelboraf” approved by the FDA in 2011 for the treatment of metastatic melanoma that is a tumor which cannot be removed by surgery have been discovered. It is surprising that, those bad people willing to make money have put people’s life into danger. The fake drug has no ingredients or benefits which will help in treatment of melanoma. The industry is looking into the matter seriously. The medicines quality and affordability had gained people’s trust. According to the research people suffering from melanoma had shown remarkable improvement due to the intake of the medicine, but now because of the fake drug it has become difficult to differentiate between the original and the counterfeit.

The company has taken a serious step to look into the matter and is in the process of collecting evidence against the culprits who are misbehaving with the life of people. The amount in which the fake drug has been discovered is very large and it has become necessary to succumb the manufacture of counterfeit of Zelborf.

People suffering from melanoma should now first confirm their medicine and have a word with doctor in order to avoid the risk of their life. If people begin to take this approach, it may have a very positive impact on the sell of the fake drug. This would lend a helping hand in finding the people behind the making of counterfeits.

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