MindMaster - An Unbiased Test and Review

16th of April, 2011 Bookmark and Share
I have been very curious about subliminal messaging for a while.

There are many forms of mp3s and software available and I did some research before choosing the MindMaster to test. (http://www.mindmaster.tv/sp/mindmaster.htm?hop=happykate )

There are many audio subliminal tracks to listen to but I wanted something which would play in the background – I have several audio's on my i-pod I keep meaning to listen to but don't have time, or I listen a few times and then forget about them, so haven't given them a fair trial.

This why the MindMaster appealed – I use my laptop a lot (too much probably) so the idea of embedding affirmations and changing my thoughts while I was doing other stuff hugely appealed to my 'do things quickly' side.

I read a lot of research about subliminals, and it is mixed – some says it is the best thing since sliced bread and will make you a different person, some says it is, basically, a load of crap and if it did work, was purely through the placebo effect.

After summarising the research I couldn't decide. So I got out my credit card and bought MindMaster. It has a guaranteed 60 day refund period, so this was my test – if it didn't work, I would be returning it!

Firstly the software was really easy to download and use. I watched the demo video although I didn't really need to – it is user friendly and easy to navigate.

There are many categories to choose from – from the obvious (weight loss, public speaking etc.) to the slightly more obscure (faith – not sure what that is, not tried it). There is also the option to add your own category, which I like.

I thought I would concentrate on one option at first to give it a fair trial, so picked the manifesting money programme. I changed some of the affirmations, and added some pictures. Some of the more detailed studies I had read about suggested your mind picks up more on words than sentences, so I eliminated any phrases with what I perceived to be 'negative ' words and added a few of my own.

I didn't expect a huge transformation, but was curious to see what would happen. I played around with how often and quickly the messages and pictures appeared and then let it run whenever I was on the laptop. I set it so it started automatically, although this is changeable.

I almost forgot about the software running in the background, very occasionally I would notice something flash on my screen, almost as if I had imagined it.

When I first started the programme I wasn't in dire straights financially, but I wasn't financially free either. I had had several things come up in a short space of time which had left me a little stretched.

Well I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. Whether it is the placebo effect or not, 4 weeks later I felt more comfortable around money. I am less awkward talking about it and asking for it.

My finances are in a much better state and I have had several things happen which have bought in a good surge of income. Things which seem to have just come to me naturally.

I also feel more energetic and motivated (I had included some messages along these lines).

After 2 weeks I started to include the weight loss messages. Although I don't have a lot of weight to lose, like most women, half a stone lighter would be nice! I have lost 2 kgs (about 4lb) since the messages have been running without consciously changing anything.

So I am not getting a refund. I like the software a lot and have seen results. I don't think it will turn you into a millionaire or Kate Moss, but I do believe it can push you in the right direction and enhance results. It is relatively inexpensive and I would recommend it.

Some of the research I looked at said subliminals can influence you if you are inclined to make a change anyway and I believe this. If you do not want to lose weight or give up smoking it won't work. If you do want to feel more confident it will make it easier.

Conclusion: Mindmaster is an easier to use, fun to customise, piece of software which requires little effort and time to use. It will give you results as long as you are not opposed to what you are aiming for.

You can see details here: http://www.mindmaster.tv/sp/mindmaster.htm?hop=happykate (this is an affiliate link, so if you purchase I will receive a small commission, but I would never recommend something I didn't believe in).

Try it, you have nothing to lose as there is a full 60 day refund period.
Kate Irwin
Kate Irwin is a Medical Herbalist and NLP Master Practitioner. She coaches, teaches and writes about becoming happier by improving self confidence and self esteem.