A Peninsula master-class: job advertising and the law

4th of April, 2011 Bookmark and Share
For many businesses, the recruitment process is a journey fraught with perils, because of the myriad aspects of employers law that regulate it. In the UK, even at the job advertising stage, people have the right to claim they are being discriminated against because of age, disability, gender reassignment, religious belief or sexual orientation.

Peninsula's managing director Peter Done has offered the following advice, to help your business avoid the need for legal representation in an employment tribunal.

Employers should have a strong sense of what they are looking for before they begin the recruitment process. Firstly, they should look at whether this is an opportunity to address problems with working methods, or restructure the company. Secondly, the most economical solution should be sought: could two part-time staff more effectively fill one full-time role?

Employers can use the personnel specification part of the advert to define the necessary attributes, which in some cases can include the above protected characteristics. For instance, airline pilots must meet a minimum eyesight requirement; as I'm sure anyone would agree, this is not discriminatory as it is essential to the role. However, if it is not a crucial element to the role, your business could guilty of be indirect discrimination.

Employment law equality protocols mean that your job advertisement must be carefully worded, in an effort to avoid language considered discriminatory. One example is ensuring the job title is non-gender-specific, such as 'Waiter/Waitress' or 'Manager'.

Making sure your job advert is clear, precise and legally compliant is very important. But what's more, it will help attract the most relevant applicants to your vacancy.

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Richard Frost
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