Fall in love with the French language

25th of March, 2013 Bookmark and Share
. This will inevitably consist of sampling the fantastic cuisine, seeing some of the priceless artwork and buying a chic accessory in a boutique on the Champs Elysee. But have you thought of adding a language course?
It is common knowledge exploring a country is often easier, more enjoyable, and more authentic if you can speak the language. You don’t need to be a pro, but ability to hold a basic conversation with the locals will enhance your experience no end (especially if you get lost!). ESL Languages offer a range of courses in a number of locations including Paris, Montpellier, Bordeaux and Paris.
No matter what your ability or schedule, the variety offered by ESL means it’s never been easier to study in France. Course lengths vary from 1 week to 11 months, and cater for beginners to advanced students. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 people to insure each student gets as much help as possible and, depending on location, a variety of accommodation options are available. This and many other extras are all included in your course cost.
If the idea of studying whilst abroad sounds daunting, don’t worry. ESL appreciates that it is, after all, a holiday, and there are plenty of leisure activities to keep you busy in your spare time. Browse the trendy art bars and cobbled streets of Nice, or discover the architectural gems of Ambois’ chateaux. Alternatively, head to Lyon, famed for it’s celebration of all things creative.
Exploring this beautiful country will give you a chance to put your newly acquired language skills to use. The French are very friendly and welcoming knowing some French can improve your confidence, especially if you are travelling alone. You can ask about the best restaurants and bars, hidden tourist attractions, as well as book excursions and travel tickets. So if you are planning to visit France this summer, visit the ESL website and see which course is right for you.
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Language travel company ESL offer a variety of language courses for both children and adults in over 160 destinations. Whether you want to learn French in Paris or Spanish in Cuba, ESL offer great quality teaching at reasonable prices.