CAT 2011: Analysis of CAT QA section of last 5 years

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The CAT exam is the popular choice of MBA entrance exam. The CAT 2011 exam that will be held later this year will lead to the doors of 11 Indian Institutes of Management and over 150 B-schools.
Quantitative Ability is one of the three sections of CAT entrance exam. Though the syllabus of the CAT exam is that of Class X level, but majority of the test takers find it to be a tough nut to crack.
The QA section is dreaded by many. To make you identify the common areas from which the QA questions appear, this article of gives you the analysis of Quantitative Ability section of the past five years’ CAT exam.
2006: There were 25 questions in CAT 2006 Quantitative Analysis section from a total number of 75 questions. The Quantitative Ability section tests the mathematical skills of Class X level. Thus it contains topic like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Number system, Percentage, SI-CI, PLD, Ratio proportion, Speed Time Distance, Work, etc. The Quantitative section in 2006 was of Easy level.
2007: This year the section consisted of 25 questions out of a total number of 75 questions, with the expected cut off of 26-28. The topics of the Quantitative section were Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Miscellaneous math. Most of the questions were from the Algebra part and the difficulty level of the section for the year 2007 was Difficult.
2008: CAT 2008 had total 90 questions, of which the Quantitative section contributed a total of 25 questions. The questions were from Algebra, Arithmetic, DS, Geometry, Modern Mathematics and Numerical Logic. The Quantitative section remained at a difficult level as in the previous year.
2009: CAT 2009 had 20 questions in this section out of 60 total questions. The section included questions from Algebra, Arithmetic, DS, Geometry, Modern Mathematics, etc. The two major areas in this year to be taken care of were Algebra and Geometry. The difficulty level for this year was Moderate.
2010: The Quantitative Ability section had 20 questions in CAT 2010 examination. The section included questions from Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Modern Mathematics, etc. The section had a moderate-difficulty level in the year 2010.
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