AND Solutions Forms Swindon Alliance With Juniper Innovations

28th of March, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Swindon, Wiltshire, AND Solutions, Technical Writing specialists have formed an alliance with Supply Chain technology consultancy, Juniper Innovations, to help provide clients with greater supply chain control as well as user friendly documents for internal processes and training.

Simon Butler, Managing Director of AND Solutions explains “Juniper Innovations have range of off the shelf software and tracking hardware devices from warehouse systems, RFID software and forensic level tracking solutions, GPS trailer tracking and temperature monitoring devices, through to bespoke solutions from GPS/GSM hardware tracking units to website and backend office software. Any business change such as the introduction of new technology benefits from well written, user friendly, client specific product support documentation so that company personnel understand how to use technology within their own environment, have quality assistance when they encounter difficulties, have higher technology adoption rates, use more features and functions that the technology brings and reduce time resolving questions they have.”

Richard Knight from Juniper Innovations continues “the alliance is strong because AND Solutions have Technical Writing and IT business analysis skills in the core sectors we work in, for example manufacturing and logistics. They have worked with companies such as Maersk Sealand, Motorola, Boots plc and Huawei Technologies. This helps us all to understand client problems faster and help put the best and highest quality solutions together more effectively.”

Having practical solutions in areas such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and logistics industries is important because of the criticality of time, cost and quality. For AND Solutions this means not only helping put Juniper Innovations’ technology solutions in place, but also helping an organisation’s personnel adopt them faster and get more from them. Simon Butler elaborates “sometimes this means writing documentation in a style and language that local people can quickly grasp using site specific terminology, or it could mean using a variety of communication methods from online help, printed brochures and procedures or quick reference guides. Plus well written documentation also enables the development of a well structured training package, providing better trained staff able to support the products to the best advantage of the company and that of the end user. The bottom line is both the technology and local user documentation will help people perform more effectively and use technology intuitively.”

The resulting aim for the alliance is to help supply chains gain greater control through cost management and reduction, quality improvements and being more productive and efficient. Both businesses have offices in Swindon, but support client projects in the UK and throughout Europe. Additionally, between them they have support offices in Europe, China and the United States allowing greater client support around the world.

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