“Upcoming Typography Print Designer Betsy Benn Celebrates 1st Year of Success”

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“Upcoming Typography Print Designer Betsy Benn Celebrates 1st Year of Success”

Betsy Benn Designs, creator of unique, handmade typography prints is to celebrate their 1st birthday at the end of March 2011. The Cheltenham based designer is proud to announce the launch of her new designs following a year of fast success into this niche market.

According to Google search trends, over the last 2 to 3 years there has been an increase of around 50% in people searching for typography and handmade gifts. These statistics show the growing trend and appreciation of unique and original craft in comparison to mass produced items.

Working with fine art prints, canvas, paper and card Betsy Benn captures the essence of spontaneous moments in design, reflecting her passion for handmade craft. The Cheltenham based designer uses renewable materials where possible, and is committed to minimising waste and maximising recycling in creating her unique designs.

The company's recent success has somewhat taken the Cheltenham based designer by surprise, reflecting her quick rise in popularity following the founding of her company in 2010. A true success story, Betsy Benn set up her business after stumbling upon her talent following the birth of her son.

The results have been astonishing in her first year of trading, showing her unique approach and dedication to creating beautiful personalised typographic prints and items that are not only one of a kind, but made to last a lifetime. Betsy is clearly providing something that is to some extent, missing from the mainstream market.

Her quick success has resulted in her designs being bought by Bodie and Fou and The Contemporary Home as well as several boutiques. She has also appeared in several magazines, including: Vogue, LivingEtc, Essentials, Heat, Concept for Living and Junior, reflecting the growing interest in her high quality work.

As more and more people try to find something original that stands apart from the mass production market, Betsy’s typography prints provide a fantastic choice in handmade gift ideas. The designer creates bespoke designs as well as producing off the shelf pieces to suit any occasion. Her prints work wonders in nurseries and children's rooms, brightening up living areas as well as giving everyday objects such as tea towels a new lease of beauty and originality.

Recently Betsy Benn Designs have been a hit as Valentine's day handmade gifts, offering people a chance to give something personal and different. The company has had the distinct honour of featuring on the front cover of www.NotOnTheHighStreet.com, an exclusive online boutique, offering unique and handmade gifts for those seeking something extra special. And with the wedding season coming up, Betsy Benn Designs are looking forward to offering personalised wedding gifts to be cherished for a life time.

Following on from her successful year, Betsy Benn is excited to launch her new designs. The up-coming pieces will feature the ever popular and on trend theme of animal prints, which the Cheltenham based designer is bringing back into the modern craft scene by giving them a typographic spin. Her collection will include a very special typographic dog print, inspired by her beloved pup.

Betsy Benn founded her company in 2010 following the birth of her son after re-discovering her passion for beautiful handmade designs. Her success follows her unique approach into creating beautiful and original pieces, designed with longevity in mind. Her innovative company is the result of talent, changing life circumstances and love of beautiful and authentic items.

For further details, visit: http://www.betsybenn.co.uk
Betsy Benn
Betsy Benn, creator of typographic prints and handmade gifts celebrates first birthday and launches new designs.