E Cigarette Web Offering E Cig Kits And Accessories

25th of March, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Cheam, London 25 March 2011: An online store for electronic cigarettes, E Cigarette Web, is offering e cig kits and accessories. The store provides electronic cigarettes and accessories that are specially designed to provide a cost effective and affordable alternative to regular cigarettes.

The store's manager said, “You can now reduce your dependency on traditional cigarettes and still satisfy your urge to smoke with the electronic cigarette. By far, e cigarettes have been the best tobacco alternatives to hit the market. These e cigarettes look and feel like regular cigarettes and even simulate smoke with a vapour.”

Smokers can also get various designs and sizes of electronic cigarettes. Mini and super mini e cigarette cartridges, and accessories are available at E Cigarette Web. You can choose from many flavours including tobacco, apple, cherry, chocolate, cola, vanilla, Marlboro, menthol and more. There are also various tobacco strengths you can choose from such as – no nicotine, low nicotine, medium nicotine and high nicotine.

The manager also added, “Electronic cigarettes are hailed as the smoker's smart choice. They are a cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional cigarettes. E cigs produce a nicotine vapour which not only looks and acts like traditional smoke, has no lingering odour, making them a great choice anytime and anywhere.”

So you can get the look and feel of traditional cigarettes by smoking an electronic cigarette . To add to your convenience, there are also various charger types such as mains charger, car charger, USB charger etc., (for e cig batteries); e cig cases, various colours of e cigs. The latest addition to the store includes fashionable e cig colours including black and stainless steel with dazzling blue LEDs.

Contact Details
Royal Crest House
22-26 Upper Mulgrave Road
Email: info@ecigaretteweb.co.uk
Website: http://www.ecigaretteweb.co.uk/
About E Cigarette Web E Cigarette Web, with its products, provides a whole new lifestyle to its users. An e cig smoker can enjoy their e cigarette wherever they want with or without a ban on smoking in the area. Electronic cigarettes do more than just offering you variety, they are also highly cost effective and affordable.