Explore Authentic China With ESL

4th of March, 2013 Bookmark and Share
. With a unique and vibrant history dating back 5000 years, the country is a thriving cultural hub. The people are among the most welcoming in the world and the landscapes extremely varied: From the idyllic mountains of Tibet to the bustling cosmopolitan streets of Shanghai, there really is something here to inspire everyone.
Whilst you are visiting, there are a variety of things you can do to make your stay as authentic as possible.
Culinary Delights
Chinese people love good food and good company. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being invited to dine with locals you may meet. If you are dining out, don’t be afraid to ask local people where they would recommend. Staple foods are varied, with the most popular ‘eight cuisines’ being developed over hundreds of years depending on location, lifestyle and climate, but there will inevitably be lots of cleansing flavoured teas to wash your meal down.
Local Crafts
A great way to see China in all its authenticity is to observe some local craftsmen. These artists use generation old techniques, enriching Chinas history and providing an insight into how their ancestors lived. So when choosing your souvenirs, which will range from calligraphy postcards to silk and maybe even an ornately made kite, head to the smaller boutiques where workers will often be happy to talk about their process.
Stay In A Temple
Chinese people are well known for their quiet, calm approach to life. The art of meditation is widely practiced here, and there are various temples that are happy to welcome visitors for a few nights. Simple but comfortable accommodation and good vegetarian food are perfect to revive a tired body and mind.
Talk Like A Local
Of course, all of the above sounds well and good, but in order to achieve it you will inevitably need some language skills. Chinese is the most spoken language worldwide, and language company ESL offer a wide variety of courses that fuse learning and leisure to fit around your itinerary.
About ESL
Language courses abroad with ESL are a great means to communicating with locals, as well as giving you confidence to get out and explore safely. They offer tuition in over 220 destinations worldwide, for learners of all ages and abilities. They also take care of accommodation and can advise on visas, flights and other practical information. If you want tolearn English abroad this summer, then an ESL course could be perfect for you.