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26th February 2013 ( The ears are a very important organ of the body, whose significance is realized mostly only when a person finds it difficult to hear something. Until then, this organ is generally taken for granted. A lot of people nowadays are glued to listening to music with the use of earphones or large headphones. They are constantly and for long number of hours bombarding their ears with high frequency sounds or loud volumes being directly introduced into the ears. Maintaining such kind of habits and that too for a long duration, can lead to various kinds of problems in the hearing abilities of a person.

As a result, it is of utmost necessity to make sure that the steps that are needed to keep away such disabilities are taken in due course of time, before the person develops any kind of a complication in this regard.

One simple step is to clean your ears. However, ear buds are not really advisable although a majority of the population uses them. It is a better option to use ear candles instead for this purpose. Similarly, high frequency and deafening sounds should be avoided as much as possible. This is because the ear drum may get damaged if it is exposed to such kinds of noisy environments. Cotton plugs should be used in case such an area is being visited.

Thus, these organs will stay completely healthy if proper care and preservation is ensured.

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