“DON’T BUY IN BRAZIL” says AIPP Award-winning agent specialising in Brazil

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Brazil specialist agent SPC Overseas (www.spc-overseas.com) has won the coveted AIPP award for Best Small Agent 2011 by warning potential clients not to buy property in the South American country.

Anthony Fernandes, director of SPC Overseas says: “Brazil Buyers Beware! There are a huge number of projects springing up in Brazil and many simply don’t make the investment grade”. 

“For every 15 developments that we are asked to promote by developers, just one makes it into our property portfolio.  Before we promote any development, it has to go through our thorough due diligence process to ensure that it will meet and satisfy the objectives of our clients and that our clients’ best interests are protected.”

“Buying property in Brazil and investing in Brazil is not right for everyone.  We try to assist clients to work this out for themselves early on in the process.  If a bank guarantee or a mortgage is important to them then they won’t want to invest in Brazil.  Similarly, potential buyers mustn’t be wooed by pie in the sky plans, visions and exaggerated projected growth.  It’s all very much in the detail. “

The AIPP (Association for International Property Professionals) Award for Best Agent 2011 recognises outstanding customer service at all stages of the buying process: before, during and after sales. AIPP felt that SPC Overseas stood out from the crowd due to the care it takes to guide potential investors through what can be perceived as a high risk market that it knows extremely well. 

The AIPP judges said: “The winner demonstrated a thorough understanding of the entire buying process. They have a clear process in place to help their buyers negotiate an emerging market, and they really stress the need for external and independent advisors”

Anthony Fernandes continues: “We deal with serious investors looking to make real returns.  If we feel we are not right for each other, we will say so.  We will always try to point clients in the direction of someone who is better placed to assist them. We are also acutely aware that clients might be able to buy the same product through other agents, but we are told that our local market knowledge, attention to detail and customer service set us apart.”

This straightforward approach cutting out ‘the fluff’ has earned SPC Overseas an unrivalled reputation.  Andy Rhead living in The Netherlands is just one of scores of people who liked SPC Overseas’ style.  He says: “I found SPC Overseas to be honest and professional and his free 30 minute introductory call was particularly useful. I wasn’t looking to invest a great deal of money as I didn’t have a large amount so Anthony tailored the call to my financial position. I didn’t find him to be a 'pushy salesman' just gave me the facts and let me make my own mind up, but whenever I needed to ask for his advice, he was always happy to help. I found his personal touch reassuring and I liked the fact he had met the developers on the Brazil side.

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For further information please contact:Martine James, SPC Overseas on +34 952 781 000 or 0844 598 2929 (UK local rate) martine@spc-overseas.com
Martine James
For further information please contact:Martine James, SPC Overseas on +34 952 781 000 or 0844 598 2929 (UK local rate) martine@spc-overseas.com