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23-February-2013, (http://www.zeepharmacy.com) : Recent analysis has elaborated reports revealing that there are innumerable components that accelerate the risks of causing heart diseases in both males & females. Following includes the list:

• Smoking tobacco:
Excessive addiction to smoking summates the risks of such illnesses. Women consuming birth control drugs, if are addictive to smoking have accelerated risks of heart attacks & smoke.

• Cholesterol:
Cholesterol is categorized into two types where the good HDL ones that are present below 50mg/dL produce dreaded signs for the women while if the ratings of the bad LDL cholesterol range above 130mg/dL, it is proved dangerous for the males.

• High blood pressure or hypertension:
Comparing the duo, men are more prone to the perils of high blood pressure than women up to 45 years of age. Women gradually showcase such indications in their lifetime wherein they are more prone to hypertension after 70 years of age.

• Obesity:
Excessive weight of people has been a major cause of causing cardiovascular problems, since there are settlement of the additional pounds in the arteries & veins leading to their blockage. Fats absorbed in the abdomen help to release certain substances that intrude with the functioning of the insulin & lead to the generation of bad cholesterol. This component proves to be higher toxic than the gathering of extra fat on the hip region.

• Diabetes:
People suffering from diabetes have an accelerated rate of the development of heart problems for both males & females. It can also lead to death due to heart attack while such ratings in men are approximately 60%.

• Inflammation:
The term “chronic inflammation” has developed a platform for the discharge of atherosclerotic plaque. Females have higher tendency for the growth of persistent inflammatory diseases.

• Metabolic syndrome:
If a person acquires any three components out of five which include obesity in the abdomen, hypertension, high level of triglycerides, low HDL type of cholesterol & high rate of diabetes lead to greater risks in women as compared to men leading to fatal heart diseases.

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