Aderma® can help the NHS raise quality whilst reducing costs

22nd of March, 2011 Bookmark and Share
The relationship between quality and cost is one that for many years has been in conflict with one another, phrases resembling “you get what you pay for” have been continuously circulated to the point where if you want good quality products then you have to pay a higher price for them. However, within the current economy, it is now more crucial than ever that cost and quality work together whereby lower cost products still guarantee high quality.

This couldn't be any more evident than within the NHS, stretched budgets and £20bn in efficiency savings highlight the importance of cutting costs, however, due to the nature of this market, quality can not be sacrificed in order to achieve the cost targets - something needs to give.

Recently there has been a lot of press, some good and some bad, covering the coalition government’s plans to reform the NHS. Within this it has been highlighted that in order to save costs nurse’s time needs to be freed up to deal with important nursing issues instead of dealing with problems that have been named ‘never events’.

‘Never events’ within the NHS resemble events that occur whilst in care that are inexcusable, for example pressure ulcers which for many years have been said to be “easily avoidable through good nursing practice”. Pressure ulcers affect 412,000 patients annually which each year takes a £1.4—£2.1bn toll on the NHS budget.

Aderma® , a range of effective pressure ulcer prevention devices, has been designed to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers on all major pressure points on the body. Through clinical trials it has been concluded that through an introduction of nationalised standardisation of use Aderma® could help the NHS save up to £1.7bn a year through preventing pressure ulcers. The range has been designed with quality in mind and allows for simple application which offers a single patient / multiple use application and has been proven to save on nursing time.

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Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical Ltd