Facebook Proxy Announces Their New Unlock Facebook Service with an SSL Proxy

19th of February, 2013 Bookmark and Share
19th February 2013 - The Facebook Proxy website has recently launched a new service that allows you to unlock Facebook quickly and easily. It allows you to use their Facebook proxy with SSL access to do this. Essentially, it connects you through the proxy so that your Internet restrictions do not block you from going to Facebook. This can be very important if you live in a part of the world where websites like Facebook are restricted. For instance, some governments will restrict their citizens from accessing websites like Facebook, which they do for their protection, but as you might imagine, this does not actually protect you, but rather sensors you from the real world. A Facebook proxy allows you to Unblock Facebook so that your governments restrictions can no longer stop you from going to websites like Facebook. You will be able to access Facebook in any other social media website that you want, without having to worry about your government knowing what you are doing. Proxy services completely hide any trace that you were doing this, there is no sign that you log into a proxy in order to use the website.

The fact that Facebook Proxy announced their new unblock Facebook service with SSL proxy access means that it is ready to go for everyone. If you are thinking about going to Facebook and bypassing any constraints that your Internet connection has, you should do this right away. The unblock Facebook service is very easy to use, it's also straightforward to customize as well. They provide a lot of customization features such as removing all cookies except for the proxy cookies, removing all scripts, which is completely recommended for full anonymity, removing ads, hiding the referral information, and showing the URL entry form. These are customization features that they provide in order to give their users a better experience.

The website is a revolutionary way to unblock Facebook through a proxy SSL service. If you know about proxies, then you know exactly how they work. A proxy essentially connects you to a different location, so that it looks like you live somewhere else in the world. The website will think that you are coming from that location, they will not be able to see your actual IP address. This means that your Internet service provider will be tricked into thinking that you have connected through different Internet connection as well. You will be able to access blocked websites like Facebook, or any other place as well. It doesn't just have to be Facebook. You could go to any website that you want that is blocked on your normal Internet connection. This allows you to access any information or any types of videos, pictures, or other content. You are looking for a good time, you can also go online and access whatever type of data you want.

Using the Facebook Unblock service is highly recommended for those in foreign countries where the government has restricted access to these websites. If you are tired of not being able to go on the website that everyone else in the world is visiting, now is your time to do something about it.

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