Create personalized backing tracks in seconds with MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker

21st of March, 2011 Bookmark and Share
In the blink of an eye MAGIX Guitar Backing Maker can create backing tracks to suit your guitar playing style. The program allows you to practice or jam as if you had a full band. This helps the musician progress even quicker. The software is available to download for free now.

Just jam and your backing tracks will come together

You can pick the elements of the backing band individually. You can choose from three guitar-based music styles which are played by the three instruments; "guitar", "drums" and "bass". The musician can select which instruments they want to hear in the backing track. The next stage is to decide on the structure for the song, whether the backing track should contain an intro or an outro and how many verses or choruses it should have. By clicking on "Create Song" the backing track will be made. If the result is not what the musician was looking for, a new song can easily be created. All that is left to do now is choose the song's speed and BPM, once set the song can be played or saved as an MP3. Now the musician can play along with other instruments or develop and perfect the track in the computer's recording studio.

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Tom Schwarzer
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