Enriching Summer Experiences With ESL Schools

29th of January, 2013 Bookmark and Share
Once they reach an age where pasta collages no longer suffice and the park isn’t cool, it becomes hard to organise enriching yet enjoyable activities. This summer, why not consider a language summer programme from ESL Schools? Apart from the obvious educational benefits, there are many other positive aspects to gain from this experience.

A sense of Independence

Whilst summer schools are of course supervised, children will gain a sense of self survival from being away from their usual home comforts. Little things, like managing their spending money and looking after themselves will teach young people about consequence and hopefully encourage sensible decision making.

A cultural awareness

Teenagers worlds today seem to be smaller than ever. Many don’t get the chance to go abroad for prolonged periods before adulthood. At a summer school, they can become totally immersed in another culture, providing them with a broader, more open minded view of society.

A social atmosphere

Let’s not forget that it’s a holiday! Summer schools provide a fantastic combination of work and leisure time, giving students from all walks of life a chance to integrate and get to know each other outside of their studies. Many arrange trips to nearby tourist attractions, as well as sports and team building activities. It encourages that great life skill of being adaptable to different social groups. Often people will stay in touch and meet up well after the summer is gone.

New skills

Many summer schools offer focus specific programmes if you have an industry interest, for example music, drama or languages. Sometimes it is possible to combine interests and study 2 or more subjects.

A life curiosity

When applying for a job or a university, a summer school is an attractive addition to your CV. It shows an outward curiosity and a thirst for learning, and will often give candidates an added confidence when talking about their experiences.

If you think a summer school could be right for your child, then esl-schools.org have a fantastic range of language based learning programmes for both primary and secondary years.

About ESL Schools

ESL Schools are a long established group of language schools, catering for students of all ages in English, French, German and Italian. Offering both 50+ and junior summer school courses all over Europe, they aim to teach the joys of language through fun, innovative techniques.
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