Aderma® launches new products and continues their fight against pressure ulcers

16th of March, 2011 Bookmark and Share
In 2008 the Aderma® range was designed around a nurse and clinician led innovation. Today that commitment to their audience still remains as they prepare to launch 2 new products, extending the Aderma® range to 8 products, in which all have been cost effectively proven to help prevent the formation of a pressure ulcer.

The new Large Heel was designed as concerns have arose that ‘one heel does not fit all’. The range now takes into consideration those patients who may differ in weight, those with underlying health issues, for instance Lymphodema and also the common symptom of post lower body surgery— swelling / fluid build up of the ankle and foot area. Identical to the Standard Heel the Large Heel has been designed for single patient, multiple use and can also be used on the elbow and possibly the knee.

The new 20x20x1.2cm Square was designed specifically to prevent pressure ulcers from forming on the shoulders. Many patients undergoing Colorectal surgery were coming out of theatre with pressure ulcers on their shoulders due to the length of time and positioning of the operation. It has also been discussed that larger squares may be used as a covering for an operating table as well as a covering for a standard ward mattress. This new addition to the range, like the rest, can be cut, washed and reused on individual patients.

Both of the 2 new additions are also joining the other products on the NHS Supply Chain. The Large Heel can be located by entering its product code ELY366, and the Large Square which has a product code of ELY367.

These products are also available directly from FPD Medical Ltd and can be purchased by quoting 10-640 for the Large Heel and 10-630 for the Large Square.

CEO Dr Craig Barson makes comment on the new additions:-

“The aim of Aderma® is to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers, and if by taking the time to design new shapes around our audiences needs we can achieve this, then we must persist indefinitely.”

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Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical Ltd